In this busy world, it is hard to remember things. Everyone got a mobile and there are several apps on it which help us to remind things. Each notification app for android reminds us in its way. But what is the best possible way to remind us? So, I’m pleased to introduce you to a notes notification app for android where reminders are presented as notifications.

Note Prompt App

Note Prompt is a quick notes reminder app that prompts your notes as notifications. This app will help you remember things as these notes will be shown to you on your mobile notification bar which we usually check 5 to 10 times in an hour.

Note Prompt Google store description promises simplicity and it certainly delivers. The app lets you create a note with a title and description with a notification Icon of your choice given in the icons list. Icons list contains 40 plus icons based on the stuff which we usually do in our life. Moreover, you can also choose different colors to differentiate your activities reminder. You can edit and delete your note but also you can share it with your friends. Then you can just set it on.

The idea here is to not annoy the user as the built-in alarm app does by covering all the screen. Note Prompt notification will stay as long as you want it to stay in your notifications. The notification will stay on the top of all notifications you get so it wouldn’t get lost in the sea of your notifications. You can remove this notification by just tapping one time. The Notes list will stay in your app so next time you can enable it with just one tap.

Is it worth downloading an app just for this one feature? Yes, it’s worth it. Using Note Prompt is more convenient than just using the phone’s alarm. It is a paid app. It only does this one thing, but it does this one thing well.

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Review overview

User Interface 9
Functionality 9
Productivity 9.5


9.2 tech score Its a paid but convenient quick notes reminder app for Android. There should be an option for scheduling reminders in upcoming update.

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