Microsoft has really worked wonders with its updates on Windows 10, bringing on so many features for our convenience. But we as daily consumers of Windows 10 are unaware of its hidden features, hence discovering Windows 10 features is another task as Microsoft has hidden some of its features to some extent and haven’t really advertised them to make them visible for the users. One of these features is the screen recording utility, Yes Windows 10 has its very own screen recorder, which is not a standalone utility because Windows 10 has provided the screen recording option in the Game bar app. If you’re not a gamer then this might be the reason that when you have seen the Game bar tool (which is a built-in feature of Windows 10) but choose to ignore it. So if you were thinking of recording the screen of the work you have been doing in your Windows then this can be a perfect utility for you.

Well, screen recording is only can be started on particular app window and will not trigger if you’re idle on the desktop but unfortunately, other than games, the screen recorder is restricted to some apps which might be opened on the next Windows 10 update, hopefully. But don’t worry, Game bar screen recorder tool works fine on most of the Windows apps like browsers MS words etc. and also records the internal audio of the game or applications. So, in this article, I will guide you on how to use the Windows 10 built-in Screen Recorder.


Before you start with the stepwise guide, there are some requirements that your PC should meet before using the Screen Recorder. These requirements are listed below.

  • Make sure that your Windows 10 is updated to the latest version.
  • To record screen make sure your PC’s need one of these video card:
    AMD: AMD Radeon HD 7700 series, HD 7700M series, HD 8500 series, HD 8500M series, R9 series and R7 series or later
    NVIDIA: GeForce 600 series or later, GeForce 800M series or later, Quadro Kxxx series or later.
    Intel: Intel HD graphics 4200 or later, Intel Iris Graphics 5100 or later.
  • To record screen make sure your PC’s video card must support one of these encoders: Intel Quick Sync H.264, NVidia NVENC, AMD VCE.
Note: If you don’t match the requirements then your PC won’t be able to use the screen recording tool and rather give you the following error: “Sorry, this PC doesn’t meet the hardware requirements for recording clips.

Now let’s start with the guide…

Open Windows 10 Game bar:

Recording button

Go to your Windows desktop or open any other application and from keyboard press Windows key + G key simultaneously to open up the Game bar pane as shown above. Now under Game capturing there are certain tools that are provided, from the tools click on the “Recording button” as highlighted above. This will start recording your work.

 Note: Remember! if you’re on the desktop then the recording button will not trigger.
Recording shortcut key

For your convenience, you can trigger the recording button without launching the Game bar pane, in order to do that simply, open up an app you want to record and press the (Windows key + Alt key + R key) simultaneously as highlighted above.

Stop recording widget

After clicking on the record button, a small recording widget will be enabled on the right side of the screen as shown above. The widget will consist the stop button to stop the recording and microphone button for broadcasting. To continue recording simply click on the blank space and the Game bar mode pane will disappear.

Find Recordings Location:

Show Captured files

When you’re done with recording your Game or work, then you might be wondering where the Windows saved your recordings. Just head back to the Game bar, under Game capturing tools you can see “Show all captures option” as highlighted above. Simply click on the option.

Capture pane

After getting inside Captures, you can not only locate but play the video recordings as shown above. The capture pane also shows a minor detail of the video and let you edit the file name or let you delete the file. You can also open the file saved in a drive by clicking on the Open file location option.

Record only last 30 sec your Game:

Record last 30 sec

If you have done something cool or important that you feel that should have been recorded to show it to your friends or any other concerns, then simply launch the Game bar and click on the button located on the left side of the Recording button as highlighted above. This will record the last 30 sec of your Game or work and save it in the Captures folder.

You can also do this by using the shortcut key from your keyboard. Simply press (Windows key + Alt key + G key).

That’s it! Hope this article helped you to know how to use Windows 10 built-in screen recorder. If you have any confusion or experienced any difficulty following the instruction please let us know in the comments section below.

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