WhatsApp is used by almost every other person, nowadays WhatsApp is used for instant messaging more than the default instant messaging app installed on our smartphones. WhatsApp is also useful and highly used for multimedia sharing. In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to use WhatsApp on Pc, as sometimes we urge a necessity to use WhatsApp on our PC and laptops because we love to be connected to our social media apps all in one place. So this article will guide you to use WhatsApp without web browser on your Pc.

So to use your WhatsApp application on your PC, just follow these steps below, but first, take care of following requirements;

  • You should have an Internet Connection throughout the process
  • You should have a  smartphone
  • You should have a WhatsApp account
  • An operating system using Windows or Mac
  • And Some storage up to 300 MB on your hard drive

That’s it! Now you’re good to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Downloading WhatsApp

Go to WhatsApp website and click on the downloads tab or simply click WhatsApp hyperlink. After clicking you will be directed to the WhatsApp downloads web page shown above.

Now scroll down and click on the Download For Windows Button as highlighted above. After clicking your download will automatically start. Now, wait till your WhatsAppSetup.exe download is complete.

Step 2: Setting up Whatsapp

After your download opens up your WhatsAppSetup.exe and you will see Whatsapp starting up as shown above.

After setting up Whatsapp setup will pop up a dialog box as shown above in which it will load a barcode scanner on the right side and will instruct you some points to use WhatsApp on the computer, all you have to do is to follow these steps. After QR code is ready it will be displayed like this as shown below.

I have also made a guide of these steps mentioned above by WhatsApp for you so you can follow it easily.

Step 3: Scanning QR from your phone

Open up Whatsapp on your phone and go to settings if you’re an iPhone user or tap the menu icon (three vertical dots) if you’re an Android user.

Tap on the WhatsApp Web/Desktop Icon and proceed to next step.

Now WhatsApp will instruct you how to scan the barcode through your phone camera. Tap on OK. Got it. button to proceed.

Now WhatsApp will turn on your phone camera, bring your phone camera near barcode on your Whatsapp to scan the code from your desktop app to continue.

If your Desktop app shows click to reload QR code as highlighted above, click it to refresh QR code and then scan the code with your phone camera.

Step 4: All Set To Use

After a successful scan, your WhatsApp desktop app will sync your messages, load all your chats and pop up a dialog box and show you a message to keep your phone connected to the WiFi as shown above.

Congratulations! Now you can use your Whatsapp On your PC using WhatsApp desktop application. All you have to do now is to keep your phone connected to the internet. Enjoy!

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