The Opera is one of the most used browsers in Android and iOS devices as it provides some nifty features within the app and its desktop application. One of the features that separate Opera from others was its VPN (Virtual Private Network) integrations. But Opera took its allured feature by directing its user towards SurfEasy Total VPN on subscription plans and announced to take off its VPN from the app last year. Seemingly, the subscription plan doesn’t work well for Opera and now they have decided to bring back its VPN integration in the app.

Unfortunately, for now, there is a stipulation which you have to follow in order to use VPN feature in the Opera app. The VPN mode is not yet included in the Opera and Opera Mini apps on the Google Play Store but in its place, you have to download the Beta version of the Opera app. On the contrary, Beta versions are available for both Opera and Opera Mini browsers but the VPN mode is only available in the “Opera browser beta” (not in Opera Mini browser beta) on Android devices. Beta versions are mainly launched for developers and due to continuous updates and features integration the app may crash or may be unstable. However, the Opera browser app is totally free and as easy to use as the stable Opera browser app. So, in this article, I will guide you on How to use Opera’s free VPN on your Android device, just follow these simple steps below.

Download Opera Browser beta:

How to use Opera's free VPN on your Android Device

Go on open up your Google Play Store and Install the Opera browser beta app on your Android device as shown above.

Enable VPN Mode in Opera:

How to use Opera's free VPN on your Android Device

After download and installation are complete, open up the application and from the Home page, tap on Opera’s “O” icon located at the bottom-right corner of the app as shown above. After tapping on the “O” icon, a contextual menu will pop-up. Now, from the menu, tap on the Settings options to open up the Opera’s Settings page for the browser.

After Settings Pane opens up, under user profile and Browser section you can see a list of features having a toggle button alongside each of them. Here you can locate the VPN mode as shown above.

  1. You can either click on the toggle button to enable the VPN on Opera or…
  2. You can click on the VPN itself to open its pane and enable it from there.
How to use Opera's free VPN on your Android Device

After turning ON the toggle button of VPN from the VPN pane as shown above, it will enable you it’s settings below from where you can configure the VPN settings.

The VPN mode allows you to change the IP address (that contains your physical location) to the virtual one, which helps you to improve your privacy and also secure your connection from the Public networks. The Opera VPN mode allows you to track your data usage, has an option to limit VPN only on private tabs, select virtual locations from different regions and bypassing for search engines to detect your location for better search results. Bear in mind that enabling VPN mode will automatically disable the Data savings mode and vice versa.


That’s it Hope this article has helped you on how to use Opera’s free VPN in your Android device. It is always better to browse the internet using VPN because it keeps us safe from information leaking, tracking, and hacking. If you have any confusion or faced any difficulty following the instructions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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