Want to access your desktop from anywhere? Google Chrome now offers Remote Desktop Manager from which you can easily share and access your or other computers securely over the internet. With Chrome Remote Desktop you can simply access your computer remotely from another PC or any other device like smartphones and tablets. As with Windows Remote Desktop app works only with Windows, Chrome Remote Desktop allow you to access desktops of Multiple-platforms. Chrome Remote Desktop is available across multiple operating systems such as Windows (7 and above), Mac (10.10 OS X Yosemite and above) and Linux. In this article, I will walk you through each step on how to install and use Chrome Remote Desktop for PC.

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Windows Remote Desktop app can be use to access other windows PC or devices . Follow our guide to enable windows 10 Remote Desktop app and use it to connect with other windows PC and Servers.

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So let’s start with the step by step guide.

Step 1: Add Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

Search From Google

From browser, Google Search  Chrome remote desktop download  Chrome remote desktop download and click on the on the first link in the searches as highlighted above, or simply click this link: Chrome Remote Desktop.

Add in Chrome

When you’re directed to the Chrome web store, as shown above, click on the Add to Chrome button as highlighted above.

Add app

From the pop-up message asking to Add “Chrome Remote Desktop”, click on the Add app button as shown above. Now, wait for a few settings while Chrome adds up the extension.

Step 2: Launch Chrome Remote Desktop App

Launch Chrome Remote Desktop App

After some time, you will be automatically directed to the Chrome apps page as shown above. Now simply click on the Chrome Remote Desktop icon as highlighted above.

Authorization message

After the app launches up, it will ask for Authorization, as shown above, click on the Continue button as highlighted above. You might now ask to Sign In to Chrome browser and to sync the account with the Chrome browser, Sign in and accept to sync.

Step 3: Enable Remote Connection

Chrome Remote Desktop manager

From Chrome Remote Desktop app, Under My Computer section, click on the Get started button to enable Remote Access as shown above.

Enable remote connection

Now click on the Enable remote connections button as shown above.

Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer

After enabling remote connections, you will be asked to Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer as shown above. Simply click on the Accept and Install button to start the download.

Download Warning message

The Chrome might warn you to download the file, but don’t worry, click on the Keep button to proceed the downloading.

Open the installer file

Now Open the file location and open the host setup as shown above.

Wait for installation to complete

After opening up the file, windows will configure the setup meanwhile a user account control warning will pop up, just click Yes to proceed.

Enter PIN

After the successful installation, go back to the app and set the PIN to protect and secure your computer as shown above. The PIN must be at least six digits or above.

OK to enable

After setting the PIN you have now successfully enabled your computer to Remote connections. Simply click OK button to proceed.

Step 4: Share Computer through Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

To access a PC or to share your PC, click on the Get started button under the Remote Assistance as highlighted above.

Share your PC

Under Remote Assistance, click on the Share button to Share your PC with another user. After clicking on the Share button the app will generate a code which you have to share with the user in order to allow access to your computer.

Allow To share

After the user enters the provided code, a onetime message will appear on your PC asking whether to share a computer with the particular person as shown above. Simply click on the Share button to give the user Access.

Step 5: Access Computer through Remote Assistance

Access other PC

Under Remote Assistance, click on the Access button to Access another user’s Computer on your Computer.

Enter Access code

The user will provide you with the access code, simply chip in the Access code and click on the Connect button as shown above.

Remote Desktop access

After the user allows to share, you can see and control his desktop from your Computer as shown above.

That’s it! Hope this article helped you to install and use Chrome Remote Desktop for PC.

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