Wi-Fi routers or devices can become faulty at times and might have low signals range but similarly, our Android phone’s Wi-Fi can also depend on how powerful it is to catch the WIFI routers signals. Without getting into any technobabble, in this Article, I will guide you on how to troubleshoot and Fix the most common Wi-Fi issues you face on your Android smartphones.

So let’s start with some common issues and how you can troubleshoot and fix them.

Phone Not Connecting to Wi-Fi Network

Apart from all process of connectivity done before to connect to your Home Wi-Fi networks, when you turn on your Phone’s Wi-Fi it just doesn’t seem to connect and stuck on the Wi-Fi icon with a question mark symbol as shown above.

This is because your Phone is kept obtaining the IP address from your Home Wi-Fi Router or device as shown below, and after a long period of scanning it says Authentication failed.

For this issue all you have to do is long press the Wi-Fi icon in the Notification tray, to enter the Wi-Fi settings.

Now press and hold the Wi-Fi network name until a menu pops up.

After a Menu pops up with some options, click on the Forget network option as highlighted above. This will delete the Wi-Fi from the list and scan for its availability again as shown below.

Now tap on the Wi-Fi network you want to connect with. A pop up will appear which will ask you to enter the network’s password as shown below.

Enter the password in the password field and tap on the CONNECT button as highlighted above.

This will run some authentication processes and probably will connect it to your Home Wi-Fi Network.

If this trick still doesn’t work, perform the following methods:

Turn off your phone Wi-Fi and then turn off your Wi-Fi router or device for at least 30 sec. Turn on the Wi-Fi router until it fully starts. Now, turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi.

If this doesn’t solve the problem.

Try restarting your Android smartphone.

Connected But No Internet from your Home Wi-Fi

This issue is mainly due to your Wi-Fi router or device faulty. Turn off the Wi-Fi router or device for at least 30 seconds and turn it back on, this will probably solve an issue when you reconnect it. If the problem persists try resetting your Wi-Fi Router/modem or device (a small button on the back of the router or device which can be pressed by a pin or a paper clip to reset the whole router to its default settings), if you don’t like the idea then finally its time to call your service provider for the help.

That’s it, hope this article helped you to connect to your Wi-Fi Network. If your Wi-Fi is creating some other issues, do tell us about it in the comment section, we will get you back with its solution.

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