Since websites have an ability to interconnect with the browsers, which are now integrated with more powerful tools like push notifications. With push notifications, websites now can easily send its notification whether it is your PC’s or smartphone’s browser. So if you’re using Chrome browser on your PC and Android devices then most probably you would also be enabled to experience push notifications from the websites which allows the websites that are subscribed for notifications will send certain information such as latest news, recent events or comments on your post even if you’re not active on the particular website.

On Chrome, if you have allowed multiple websites to send you notifications then it might be blusterously annoying and unmanageable even when you’re not using the browser as Chrome has the capability of running it processes in the background, which means that you will still receive the notification even if your browser is closed. So if you are frustrated enough with these notifications on your PC’s desktop or Android device, then you are at the right place because, in this article, I’ll walk you through on how to stop Chrome Notifications on Desktop and Android.


Before you start with the guide, make sure that your Chrome browser version is updated on your PC and Android Device.

So let’s start with the guide…

Disabling Notifications on Desktop

Open Chrome Settings on Desktop

Open up the Chrome browser and click on the overflow menu located on the top right corner as highlighted above. This will drop-down a menu, simply click on the Settings option from the menu as highlighted above.

Chrome Advanced settings

After getting directed at the settings window, scroll down at the end where you can see an Advanced Settings options as shown above. Click on the Advanced option to get more settings enabled for the Chrome browser.

Content settings

After getting Advanced settings enabled, scroll down to the Privacy and security block as shown above, from its list of options, click on the Content settings as highlighted above.

Notification settings

Now from the Content settings window, you can see its list of options, simply click on the Notifications option as highlighted above.

Ask before sending

Finally, you have entered the settings from where you can manipulate the unwanted websites notifications. Simply click on the toggle button of “Ask before sending” option to disable the pop-up message of websites’ whose you mistakenly allow every time, this will change the toggle button to Blocked as highlighted above.

If you want the pop-up message to appear but block some of the website’s notification, then let the toggle button be enabled and scroll further down.

Allowed websites

Below toggle button, there will be two blocks, one for blocked content and other for the Allowed. Under the Allow content, there will be all the listed websites which are actively sending you notifications as highlighted above. Each content will have an overflow menu (three vertical dots) against them or an extensionally enforced icon. You can only manipulate the ones with an overflow menu.

Website overflow

Click on the overflow menu to pop up its menu as highlighted above. Now form the menu, it is your decision either you want to Block, Edit or Remove the website from the Notification settings. It is recommended to Block the website because if you had opted to enable website asking you for allowing Notifications then Blocking the website will stop the notifications and will not pop up “Ask before sending” message in the future.

Disabling Notification on Android:

To stop notification of websites from Chrome, first, open up the Chrome browser and follow the steps below.


Android stop notification steps
  1. From the Chrome browser, tap on the overflow menu (three vertical dots).
  2. From the menu, tap on the Settings option.
  3. Now you’re in Chrome Settings, under Basics settings, tap on Notifications option.
Android stop notification steps
  1. In Notifications, you can see a toggle button for Show notifications, which enables both the General and Site notifications of the Chrome. Under General and Sites notifications you can select or unselect the check-boxes in order to enable or disable notifications.
  2. You can also completely disable the website’s notification by turning off the toggle button of Show notifications.
  3. If you don’t want any of the notifications from Chrome browser, simply turn off the toggle button of Show notifications.

That’s it! Hope this helped you to know on how to stop Chrome notifications and to figure out which notification you can allow and block in both Desktop and Android. If you have any confusion or experienced any difficulty in following the instructions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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