Keeping your children at the pace of the world, it is inevitable that they will ask for the smart devices either for personal or educational use. So believing you can’t say no to your kids and knowing that you are letting them inside the cyber world! How will you secure your child from the threats and manage to filter out the unnecessary content online and offline? -It has become important for us to hide those content from reaching to our children and for this Microsoft has solved this problem by introducing Parental Controls feature on Windows 10, with which you can have a serenity for knowing that your child is safe online and offline. So to take advantage of this feature, this tutorial will guide you through a complete setup of Parental Controls for Windows.

So let’s get started,

Before getting to the set-up, you should know about the features of Parental Controls. Below is the list of the options that it will provide you for managing and manipulating your children devices.

  • Give money to children to shop in stores without a credit card.
  • Let you see activity reports, including buying of apps and web searching.
  • Let you set age limits for rated content like apps, games, videos, movies, and TV.
  • Let you set time limits for how long children can use devices.
  • Let you check the health and safety of kids’ devices.
  • Your family will be connected automatically anywhere with Skype.
  • Let you see your children’s location on a map.

To complete the Parental Controls setup process you have to take care of some of the requirements. These Requirements are listed below;

  • Internet access throughout the process
  • At least one ‘parent’ Microsoft Account for adding a child Account
  • Individual Microsoft Accounts for each child using the device
  • Access to your child’s email account
  • Administrator privileges on a desktop or tablet running Windows 10

Set Parental Controls For Windows 10

Step1: Selecting Account Option

Go to the Settings option from the Start menu and click on the Accounts option as highlighted above.

Step 2: Selecting from the Accounts tab


Now click on the Family & other people option as highlighted above.

Step 3: Add a Family Member

Under the Your family description, click on the Add a family member option as highlighted above and wait for the dialogue box to pop up.

Step 4: Add a Child or an Adult

Make sure to check on the button to select the Add a child option. After selecting it Enter your child’s Email address in the tab where it says Enter their email address and click on the Next button to proceed. The next screen will ask to confirm the email you have entered, click on the confirm button and close the tab. Now a confirmation email will be sent to the child’s email address.

If your child doesn’t have the Microsoft email address then skip the Email address tab and click on the person I want to add doesn’t have an email address hyperlink as highlighted above. This will take you to the setup account for your child. Next are the steps to set up a new account for your child.

Step 5: Create a New Account

After clicking on the hyperlink, it will take you to the let’s create an account screen, above we have put an example information in all fields. You have to put your child’s appropriate information and make sure you have noted down the password carefully and then click Next Button.

Step 6: Selecting Preferences


When this screen appears, uncheck both the boxes and click on the Next button.

Step 7: Verification of Account by Password

Re-enter your password which you had noted down and now click on the Sign in button.

Step 8: Accepting Privacy Policy

Click on the Next button in order to apply the Parental Control services for Windows 10.

Step 9: Permissions to use account online

Checkmark the checkbox and click on the Yes option to proceed.

Step 10: Finishing the Set-Up.

Click on the Finish Button to confirm and complete your child’s Email address.

After completion of the setup process, a confirmation E-mail will be sent to your child’s E-mail address, to which you have to accept the invitation to confirm it as a Family member.

Step 11: Accepting the E-mail Invitation

Go to your child’s email address and accept the invitation process by clicking on the Accept Invitation button.



Now that you have successfully created and added your child as a family on parental controls for windows, you can access the parental controls settings to manage the content you want to filter for your child.

To apply these settings, go back to the accounts menu in the settings from the startup menu and select the Family & other people option just like you did in the first step while setting up an account.

Click on the Manage family settings online (as highlighted above), which will direct you to the Microsoft Web page in your Web browser as shown below.

Now you can monitor your child’s activities, manage screen timings and block applications and web content from the Menu options as highlighted above.

Congratulations! You are done with setting up Parental Controls on Windows 10.

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