In this Article, I will walk you through a stepwise guide on How to print from your Android Phone or tablet. There are two type of printers, a classic printer which can connect through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB and Cloud-enabled printers which are cloud-ready printers and doesn’t need any setup for PC.  It doesn’t matter if you have a classic printer that only runs with USB connection that doesn’t mean your printer can’t print wirelessly. If your printer doesn’t support printing through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can make your printer cloud-ready by setting up Google Chrome that will register your printer through your Google Account.

Yes, you can connect your printers through cloud-based technology to print wirelessly by registering your printer through Google Cloud print. Google Cloud print works by linking your Google account through Google Chrome that will register your printer for printing files through Google cloud print app that links by same Google account on your Android device.

There are some requirements that you should preserve. These requirements are listed below

  • Internet connection throughout the process
  • Pc or laptop and Android device connected with internet throughout the process
  • Pc or laptop connected with the printer via USB
  • Android version 4.1 or higher
  • Google Chrome installed in your pc and android phone
  • Working Google account
  • Make sure you are signed in Google Chrome with your Google account.

Step 1: Adding a printer to your Pc’s Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome on your Windows, click on the overflow menu (three vertical dots) as shown above.

This will pop up a menu with some options, as shown above, click on the Settings option as highlighted above.

When Settings windows appear, as shown above, scroll down until you find the advanced option.

Now click on the Advanced option as highlighted above.

This will enable you to manage some advanced options, scroll down until you find Printing options as shown above. Click on the Google Cloud Print as highlighted above.

In Google Cloud Print settings click on the Manage Cloud Print services as highlighted above.

This will open the Devices window as shown above. Now click on the Add printers button as highlighted above. Before clicking on the Add printers button make sure that you’re signed in to your Chrome account.

Now this will detect all the connected printers with your PC and list it for Cloud printing as shown above. Now, click on the Add printer(s) button as highlighted above.

After Adding printer you will see the message for registering your Printer with Google cloud print as shown above.

Step 2: Print from your Android Using Google Cloud Print

If your Android smartphone doesn’t have the Google Cloud print app installed, even though most of the latest Android has the Google Cloud print preinstalled in their software, if you still don’t have it you can download it from here Google Cloud Print or you can go to Google play store from your Android Phone and install it from there.

After installing Google Cloud print on your Android device, you can see that this application work as a plugin, as you cannot run or use the app on your own from the app drawer.

So now you can print any file from your Google drive or from you Google apps that have your Google account signed in, for example, you can print web pages from Google Chrome app or you can also print Emails from Gmail app as shown below.

Open any mail from Gmail from your Android device, now click on the overflow menu, as highlighted above.

A menu will pop up with options, as shown above, select the Print option as highlighted above.

This will open up a window from where you can first save it as a PDF file from the drop-down box as highlighted above. Click open the drop-down box to select the printer you want to print with.

In my case, I selected the printer that I registered with Google Cloud print as shown above.

Now after selecting the printer, click on the printer icon as highlighted above to print the document.

This will connect to the Google cloud server from which your Pc is also connected with through Google Chrome, The Google cloud will transfer the service to your printer that is registered with Google Cloud print through Google Chrome Account.

Now you can see the process in your Android device notification bar, as shown above.

Congratulations! Now you know how to make your printer cloud-ready and how to print from your Android Phone or Tablet. Enjoy!

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