Nowadays, Android smartphones are packed with preinstalled applications and among these applications, Google has played most of the part. The Android devices come with Google Stock applications, if your device has the Google Stock application then you will have Google Chrome browser preinstalled on the device. If your phone doesn’t come with Google Stock applications then most probably you have some other web browser installed on your device. However being an Android user we are not restricted to use only one or a specific web browser on our smartphones, we can download and install multiple browsers from Google play store.

If you have installed multiple browsers on your Android device and whenever you open a link with a URL it most probably asks you to select the preferred browser from the list. If you’ve accidentally chose a wrong browser as the default and don’t know where to change settings to make Chrome or any other browser as default or you just want the “open with” pop up slide back, then you’re at the right place. In this article, I will guide you How to make Chrome as a default browser in Android with some tips to bring back “open with” slide.

So let’s start with the stepwise guide.

Step 1:  Open Apps & notification From Settings

Open Settings

From App drawer or from overview menu (if you’re using Android Pie) tap on the Settings icon as shown above.

Apps & notifications

From Settings tap on the Apps & notifications option as highlighted above.

Step 2: Change Default Browser App

Expand Advanced

In Apps & notification, tap on the Advanced option to expand more settings of Apps & notifications as shown above.

Default apps

From Apps & notifications Advanced settings, tap on the Default apps option as highlighted above.

Open by Default

In Default apps, tap on the Browser app option to select from the list browsers apps installed on the device as shown above.

Select Chrome

Now in the Browser app, tap on the Chrome option’s radio button as highlighted above, this will select it as the default web browser for your device and whenever you open a link or a URL it will automatically open up on Chrome.

Bring Back “Open With” Slide

Step 1:  Select Default browser app from App list

See all Apps

To bring back the “open with” pop up slide then go to Apps and & notification from Settings, now tap on the See all apps option as highlighted above.

Select Chrome

From the list of apps, locate the browser that has been set as a default whenever you open up a URL or a link, let suppose it is Chrome, well in my case it is set as a default so I’ll select Chrome.

Step 2: Clear Default App

Expand Advanced

In the Chrome locate and tap on the Advanced option to expand more settings of Chrome.

Open by Default

Now from the Advanced settings, tap on the Open by default options as shown above.

Clear Default

From Chrome’s Open by default option, tap on the CLEAR DEFAULTS button to remove the browser to automatically launch when opening up a URL or a link.

Open With Slide

Now whenever you tap on the link, you will now have the open with slide pop up again as shown above. You can also select the desired browser from the list and tap on ALWAYS button to make it as a default browser for your device or you can click on the JUST ONCE button to be asked to open with the slider as shown above.

That’s it! How this article helped you to make Chrome as a default browser on Android.

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