Windows 10 is here with one of it’s another commendable service that one can get facilitated with and to enhance the experience with the ravishing Windows 10 feature. Windows 10 offers quiet handy features that are easy to use, which makes your working time worth it. So in this article, I will tell you and guide you how to link your Android or IOS device to Windows 10. With Windows 10 now you can connect your smart devices by using “Continue On PC” application. This application is going to allow you to push web pages from your device to the PC without using USB cable but you need to be connected to the internet network on your PC and as well as on your smartphone. There are some features and requirements you should preserve first, these are listed below.

  • Internet connectivity on PC and smartphone throughout the process
  • You will receive your smartphone’s notifications in the Windows 10 action center
  • You can reply to the messages directly from your PC
  • You can also use applications like Whatsapp from this feature

The “Continue On PC” feature is only available for the users that are using Windows 10 Fall Creator Update. So it’s it time to link your Smartphone to Windows 10.

Here are the steps that you have to follow to link your Android or IOS device to Windows 10. In this tutorial I will be using an IOS device but don’t worry, these steps are same for both Android and IOS devices.

So let’s get started!

Step1: Connecting your Device

You don’t need to connect your smartphone with your PC using USB cable, all you need is your working mobile carrier phone number.

Go to start menu on your Windows 10 and click on the Settings option and now windows will open up a dialog box as shown above. Now, click on the Phone icon as highlighted above.

Step 2: Add Your Phone

After clicking on the Phone icon, you will be directed to the Phone Settings as shown above. Now, you have to click on the Add a phone button as highlighted above.

After clicking on the Add a phone you will be directed to the next step as shown above. Now select your country code and enter your carrier phone number where it says Phone number as shown above by an arrow.

After entering the phone number, click on the send option Microsoft Windows 10 will send you a link. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet to open up the received link.

Step 3: Downloading The App From Your Phone

Click on the link sent you by Microsoft as shown above and install the Microsoft Edge application to link your smartphone with Windows 10.

After clicking on the link you will be directed to your phone’s store and it will let you download Continue on PC application as shown above. Now install this application on your smartphone.

After installing application follow the instruction of your app and when it asks you to sign in to your Microsoft account, sign in with a similar account as signed in with PC, and now restart your PC to get your smartphone linked.

Now go back to your Phone Settings in Settings On Windows 10, if you see your phone listed there then Congratulations! Your phone is now Linked with your windows 10.

Now Enjoy using your smartphone Apps On your PC’s Windows 10.

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