VirtualBox is a software machine that allows the user to install it on their host OS to use multiple operating systems without rebooting or switching between them. So in this article, I will walk you through the steps from which you can easily install VirtualBox on Mac. Before Mac, we have also written a guide on How to install VirtualBox on Windows 10.

How To Install VirtualBox On Windows 10

Before we start with the step-wise guide, there are some requirements that you should preserve in order to install VirtualBox on your Mac. These requirements are listed below.

  • Internet connection throughout the process
  • You should be using MAC OS Sierra or above
  • You should have the latest version of VirtualBox copy downloaded. If not, you can download the latest setup from here:

So let’s start with the stepwise guide.

Step 1: Download VirtualBox for Mac

Download OS X host option

Go to your browser and open the download page, under VirtualBox platform packages, click on the OS X hosts option as shown above. This will automatically start downloading a setup of VirtualBox.

Step 2: File Extraction and verification

Open the downloaded oSX.dmg file for extraction

Now click open the downloaded OSX.dmg, which your Mac will extract and verify to start the setup process as shown above.

Choose Run from Application folder

After the extraction is complete, a dialog box will launch up as shown above. Now, click on the 2nd option which says Run the VirtualBox application from the Applications Folder as highlighted above.

Double click the Application.pkg file

From the Applications folder, double-click on the VirtualBox.pkg icon as highlighted above.

Step 3: VirtualBox Installation process

Click Continue button to allow installation

Now you can see an Installation wizard launching up with a pop-up message, as shown above, just click on the Continue button to allow the Program to run the installation setup.

Introduction Phase

Now in the Introduction phase click on the Continue button as highlighted above.

Destination select phase

In the Destination Select phase, click on the Install for all users of this computer and then click on the Continue button as shown above.

Installation Type phase

From the Installation Type phase, you can Change the Location of the Installation but we recommend you keep it as default.

Don’t hit the installation button yet.

open Security & privacy from System Preferences

Go to the System Preferences of your Mac as shown above. Now, click to open the Security & Privacy option as highlighted above.

Allow the blocked software under General tab

Under the General tab click the Lock icon to make changes as highlighted above. Now, click on the Allow button as shown above. This will allow you to install VirtualBox on your Mac and save you from the installation failure.

Install Software from installation setup

Now go on to the installation setup and click on the Install button as highlighted above. Now, a pop up of user authentication will show up, enter your password and click on the Install Software button as shown above. This will start installing VirtualBox on your Mac, now wait till the installation is completed.

Installation successful

After successful installation, click on the Close button as shown above.

VirtualBox Manager

After installation is complete you can see the Oracle VirtualBox Manager launch up as shown above.

That’s it! Hope this helped you installing VirtualBox on your Mac, Enjoy.

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