Node.js is free and an open source run-time environment which uses JavaScript on the server. Node.js is supported on almost every operating system out there such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc. and for its support, Node.js has created a framework which can be easily downloaded and installed on any operating system to run and develop applications. With the Node.js framework, you opt to install the NPM (node package manager) from which you are able to use thousands of Node.js modules from its library to your application. Moreover, NPM makes it easy for JavaScript developers to share the code they have created to solve particular problems and for other developers to reuse that code in their own applications. So in this article, I will guide you on how to install Node.js® and NPM on Windows.

So let’s start with the step-wise guide.

Step 1: Download Node.js

Node.js Website

Open up a browser and go to Node.js official website. From the Node.js home page click on the DOWNLOAD link tab as shown above.

Node.js Download page

From the Downloads web page, download the latest LTS version and make sure you’re downloading .msi file. Now either click on the 32-bit or 64-bit installer file, as shown above, this depends upon the processor and the operating system that you’re running on your computer.

Download Warning message

If you’re using Chrome and downloading this file gives you an error message, click on the Keep button as shown above to start the download.

Step 2: Install Node.js

Node.js .msi file

Now open up the folder where you downloaded the Node.js .msi file. Double-click to open up the setup wizard as shown above.

Node.js Setup Wizard

When Node.js setup wizard launches up, click on the Next button to proceed to the next step as shown above.

License Agreement phase

In the End-user License Agreement phase, checkmark the “I accept the terms in the License AgreementCheckbox as highlighted above. Now click on the Next button as shown above to proceed to the next step.

Destination folder phase

In the Destination Folder phase, leave the destination as a default as simply click on the Next button to proceed to the next step as shown above.

Custom Setup phase

In the Custom Setup phase, leave the setup as default and simply click on the Next button to start the installation process.

native module phase

In the Tools for Native Modules phase, Checkmark the “Automatically install the necessary tools” checkbox as shown above. This will download and install the Python and Visual studio build tools after the Node.js installation process is complete. Now simply click the Next button to proceed.

Ready to install phase

Now start your Node.js installation process by hitting the Install button as shown above. After you click the Install button a user access control message will pop up, simply press YES button to start the installation process.

Installation process phase

Now, wait until the Installation process is completed as shown above.

Installation successful

After Node.js has been successfully installed, simply click on the Finish button to close the setup wizard as highlighted above.

Step 3: Install necessary Tools for Node.js

Download native modules through command prompt

After you close the setup wizard the command terminal will open up asking you to press any key to continue downloading the necessary tools to compile Node.js native modules. After pressing the key, the downloading will start, your PC may reboot during the process of installation.

Note: If you opt-out from the “automatically install necessary tools” option from the native module phase then simply restart your PC to apply changes.

Step 4: Check Node.js and NPM

Check installation

Open up the Command Prompt terminal, and type in:

  • node –v and hit enter, this will display the version of the Node.js installed on your PC.
  • npm –v and hit enter, this will display the version of the npm installed on your PC.

If you see the displayed versions of Node.js and npm, (as shown above), then you have successfully installed the Node.js framework and you’re ready to start coding and developing awesome applications.

Hope this helped you to know how to install Node.js and npm on Windows. Enjoy!

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