Git is an open-source and free software since 2005 created by Linus Torvalds. It used for managing projects across the different teams. It monitors changes in files and helps programmers to coordinate each other. Its main focus is on data integrity, speed and backing for non-linear distributed workflows. Git is developed for Linux but now it also supports other operating systems like macOS, Solaris, Windows, and BSD.

So, setup git on Windows is a bit tricky but, in this article, we will tell you to install git on windows 10 step by step with screenshots.

Git Installation

Step 1: To install Git Windows, go to Git official website and download its latest version.

Downloading Git for Windows

Step 2: After downloading, run the setup file and allow it to start setup. Then click on the “Next” button.

Run Setup File

Step 3: Choose the directory by clicking on the “Browse” button, where you want to install the Git files. Or directly click on the “Next” button with default directory.

Select Destination Location

Step 4: Choose the components for installation. By default, it selected some components but if you want to install additional components then also tick them and click next button.

Select Git Components for Installation

Step 5: Choose the folder where you want to create a shortcut of Git or click on next button with the default folder name.

Choose Start Menu Folder

Step 6: Choose the text editor from the giving list. The default editor is good but you can also choose another and click on next button.

Choose Editor

Step 7: Choose the PATH environment from three giving options (Recommended option is suitable) and click on next.

Select PATH Environment

Step 8: Choose the HTTPS transport connection library and click on next.

Choose HTTPS Connection Library

Step 9: Select the line endings, default is recommended but if you are expert and easily work with other ending styles then chose one and click on next.

Choose Line Ending Configuration

Step 10: Select “MinTTY” terminal emulator option because it’s very easy to handle and click on next.

Configure Terminal Emulator

Step 11: Tick extra configuration options if you want them and click on the “Install” button.

Select Extra Options

Step 12: Wait for the installation process completes.

Git Installation Process

Step 13: If you want to launch Git Bach after installation then tick the option and click on the Next button.

Completion Wizard

After clicking on the next button, the text editor will be open and you can start working on Git.

Start Window of Git


That’s all for the installation of Git on windows. Now, we hope that you can easily install Git on Windows and handle your project teams efficiently.

Check out our installation guide “How to install Git on Ubuntu” for Git installation on Linux.

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