Now a day’s virtual assistance like Google assistant and Google Home device is getting very popular at homes and offices to get not only instant information but also for the entertainment purposes. Similarly, Amazon has introduced its very own virtual assistance known as Amazon Alexa or you can simply call it “Alexa”. The virtual assistance Alexa was first used in the Amazon’s Echo and Echo dot speaker devices similar to Google Home. Now after a successful launch, Amazon Alexa was introduced in PCs and other devices as well, which means that Amazon has now integrated its virtual assistance Alexa with Microsoft Cortana so user now can easily install Alexa on their Windows 10 PCs or Laptops and can make the most from it. Amazon Alexa app is preinstalled in most of the new devices but if you don’t own any of these new devices and want to install Alexa in your Windows 10 device then you can now easily download it from the Windows 10 Microsoft store. So in this article, I will walk you through each step on how to install Amazon Alexa on any Windows 10.

Before we start with the stepwise guide, there are some requirements that you should preserve in order to use Amazon Alexa on your Windows 10. These requirements are listed below.

  • Make sure you’re using Windows 10 version 17134.0 or higher
  • Make sure have set the region and language to the United States in Windows 10
  • Make sure you have signed in to Microsoft account

If you don’t know where to change the Region and language of your Windows 10 then follow the steps below otherwise skip to the step to Install Amazon Alexa.

Windows Settings

Open Windows Start menu and click on the settings icon to open up the Windows Settings pane as shown above. From Windows, Settings click on the Time & Language option as highlighted above.

Region and Language

In the Time & Language navigation menu, click on the Region & language option as highlighted above. From the Region & language settings, change the Country or region and Languages from the drop-down menu as highlighted above.

Now let’s start with the stepwise guide to install Amazon Alexa in Windows 10.

Step 1: Install Amazon Alexa

open Microsoft store

Open up the Microsoft Store either by clicking on the store icon from the taskbar or by the Windows Start Menu’s Microsoft Store tile as highlighted above.

Search Amazon Alexa

After Microsoft Store launch up, type in “Amazon Alexa” in the search bar of the Microsoft Store as shown above. Simply click on the Alexa App from the search drop-down menu.

Click on Get to Install

When you’re redirected to the Alexa App, as shown above, click on the Get button as highlighted above. After hitting the Get button, the store will now automatically download and install the Alexa on your Windows 10.

Launch Pop up

After the installation is complete, a notification message will pop up on your screen asking you whether Launch or Pin to Start the Amazon Alexa. Simply click on the Launch button as highlighted above. If you have disabled Windows notification messages, then you can locate the installed Amazon Alexa under the Recently added in the Windows Start Menu.

Step 2: Setup Alexa in Windows 10

Set up Amazon Alexa

After opening Amazon Alexa app for the first time, you have to set it up on your Windows. Simply click on the Set up Amazon Alexa button as shown above.

Talk to Alexa with your App

In the Talk to Alexa with your App phase click on the Allow button to grant the app to use your PC’s microphone.

Windows access microphone

After clicking on the Allow button, Windows settings will pop up a message asking you to allow access of microphone. Simply click on the Yes button to proceed as highlighted above.

Sign in with Amazon Account

In the Sign in phase shown above, you can enter the credentials if you have already created an account with Amazon Alexa and hit the Sign in button, if not, then click on the Create a new Amazon account and follow the specified instructions.

Agree Terms and Conditions

After a successful sign in, click on the Continue button from the Terms and Conditions phase as highlighted above.

Configure Alexa on PC settings

In the Configure Alexa on PC settings, make sure to check to mark the checkboxes if you want to launch Alexa app on each sign in to your PC and to Allow app sounds as shown above. Now simply click on the Finish setup button as highlighted above.

Allow to launch on log in

After clicking on the Finish button, windows settings will pop up a message asking you to run the app when you log in. Simply click on the Enable button as highlighted above.

Welcome to Alexa

Now, wait a few seconds until the above shown Alexa Home Windows is shown up on your screen. This means that you have now successfully installed Amazon Alexa in Windows 10. Simply click on the Alexa button to start talking to Alexa.

That’s it hope this helped you to install Amazon Alexa on your Windows 10. If you have any confusion or faced any difficulty following the setup instructions, please let us know in the comment section below.


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