It is necessary to turn on your GPS sensor in order to use navigational apps like Google Maps or any other application that requires locational based services. But just turning on your GPS sensor doesn’t help much if you want to improve the accuracy of your device’s GPS signals. Android phones come with some features that when you enable those features it can increase the accuracy of your Android device’s GPS signals. So, in this article, I will guide you on how to improve GPS signals on your Android device.

Before starting with the stepwise guide let me tell you some requirements that you should preserve.

  • Android Device with API 4.2 or higher
  • Android Device with GPS
  • Internet Connection
  • Android Device connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi
  • Sufficient battery

Now here is how you’ll improve GPS signals on your Android Device.

Step 1: Open up Settings

You can open up your phone Settings by scrolling down the notification menu and tap on the settings icon as shown above.


By selecting the Settings app from your app drawer as shown above.

Step 2: Setting up location

When your settings app is open, scroll down till you find Location option as shown above. Tap on Location option to proceed.

Now tap on the toggle button to turn ON the Location on your Android device as shown above.

After turning your device location on, you will be enabled to modify the Mode of your Location. Click on the Mode option (as shown above) to proceed.

Step 3: Change the Accuracy of your GPS

Now you can see that your Android device has automatically selected the Device only option as shown above, which only uses your device’s GPS to determine your location.

Tap on the High accuracy radio button as shown below,

This will use your Android device GPS, WI-FI, cellular network as well as Bluetooth (if required) to determine your location. Now make sure you have Enabled your Wi-Fi or cellular network to improve the accuracy of GPS on your Android Device.

Step 4: Easy access to enable and disable location

Scroll down the notification menu for enabling and disabling your location as shown above. I recommend you to turn off your Location while it’s not in use, this will save your device battery.

Congratulations! Now, you know how to improve GPS accuracy on your Android Device. Enjoy!

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