Adobe Lightroom is an image organizer and an editor which only allows applying primary touch-ups to images when compared to the more extensive and expert level options provided by Adobe Photoshop. It’s an excellent application for organizing images and is often used along with Adobe Photoshop by many professionals around the world. It is packed up a large number of functionalities to fulfill the needs of professional photographers. One such important feature is the ability to detect duplicates before importing the photos from an external storage medium such as a camera, USB drive etc. However, the inbuilt mechanism to identify duplicate photos is far from perfect, so this article sets out to help users in getting rid of duplicate photos from Adobe Lightroom with ease.


Even though Lightroom is a very sophisticated software, any users who might intend to remove duplicate photos might not be satisfied with its functionality, as far as removing duplicate photos is concerned. This article makes use of PictureEcho to identify and remove visually similar duplicate photos.

  1. Launch Adobe Lightroom from its desktop shortcut.
  2. Navigate to the Catalogue section, and select All Photographs to view all the pictures in the catalog. Now press Ctrl + A to select all the photos in the catalog.
  1. Locate the Export button, and click it to open the Export panel.
  2. Now select Specific folder from the Export To dropdown menu, and select the concerning folder in the Folder dropdown menu.
  3. Also, select the Choose a new name for the exported file in the Existing Files dropdown menu. Finally, select Original for Image Format and Show in Explorer in the After Export dropdown menu.
  4. Finally, click Export to initiate the image export process.
C:\Users\Don Dilanga\Documents\ShareX\Screenshots\2018-07\2018-07-22_20-07-37.png
  1. Once the process is over, it will open up the concerned location in File Explorer to which the images were exported.
  1. Now install PictureEcho to clean up duplicate photos.
  2. Click the Add Path button and add up the location which contains all the images which you just exported.
  1. In the next step, select the Exact Match option, and also select the Show preview checkbox so that you can check the previews of the duplicates that will be detected during the scan. Finally, hit Start Search to initiate the scan.
  1. Once the scan is over, simply click the Select Duplicates button, and select your preferred option from the menu that just opened.
  1. The last step in the duplicate photos scan involves clicking Select Action and choosing between backing up the duplicates to a folder or getting rid of them permanently. The former is particularly useful if you’re a professional who might surely be happy with several copies of a single image that can come handy in the future.
  2. Now import the photos back to Lightroom by clicking on Import.
  3. Click the Add button to add the photos to the catalog. Changing the photo location is not necessary as the photos are already located in the Lightroom folder.
  1. Select the Don’t Import Suspected Duplicates option, and then finally click the Import button to initiate the process of adding photos to the Lightroom catalog.
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