Privacy is the most important aspect when it comes to using our Android smartphones. We need certain things to remain hidden from the people we are uncomfortable with, one of the most things that we want to hide from those people are images in your gallery app. We know that they will be going through your gallery if time presents them any chance. So how will you hide those Albums in your gallery app? In some Android smartphone there is a built-in feature to hide Albums of your gallery app, well, in this article I will guide you how to guide Albums In your Android Gallery app if you do not have the built-in feature.

Well, there are two options in which you can Hide Albums from your gallery app. I will show you a stepwise guide in both ways. So, let’s start.

Option 1: Hide Album using Gallery Lock App

Step 1: Using the Gallery Lock App

Download and install Gallery Lock App from your Google Play Store.

After installation tap on the Gallery Lock app as highlighted above.

The gallery will ask you to enter a password, the default password is 7777 as it is hinted in the image above. You can change it later within the app if you want. Enter the default password to proceed.

Now click on the Add Folder option to add a new folder for your Album as shown above.

Now you will be asked to rename your Folder, as shown above, click OK to proceed.

Now go inside the folder and tap on the Add Photo/Video option as shown above.

Now select the album you want to hide images from, from the drop-down menu as highlighted above.

You can tap on the image to select desired images that you want to hide from the album or you can tap on the select all button as highlighted above to select every image inside the album.

Now click on the green plus button (as highlighted above) to add the selected images in your hidden folder that you created earlier.

After pressing that green plus icon, now you can see a pop up which shows that your selected files are now being transferred to the hidden folder as shown above.

Step 2: How to Unhide Album

Tap and hold on the desired folder you want to unhide. A pop up will appear with options as shown above. Click on the Unhide All Files option.

A pop up will appear, which will tell you that it is disabling hidden files from your folder (as shown above) and sending them back to the Album.

Option 2: Hide Album using Astro File Manager App.

Step 1: Using Astro File Manager App

Download and install Astro File Manager App from your Google Play Store.

After installation tap on the Astro app as highlighted above.

Now tap on the Internal shared storage option as shown above.

Now, open the pictures options where your Albums are stored.

Now tap and hold album folder to select it until a check mark appears on the folder.

Now tap on the overflow menu (Three vertical dots) and tap on the Rename option as shown above.

Rename Your Album folder to .nomedia (don’t forget to place dot before nomedia) and tap on RENAME

Now you can see the folder which is renamed to .nomedia are now hidden.

Step 2: Unhide the album folder

To unhide the hidden album folders, tap and open the overflow menu on the top right corner and tap on the View Settings as shown above.

Now tap on the ADVANCED tab to proceed.

Checkmark the Show hidden files as highlighted above.

Now, make sure you have check marked your Show hidden files option. Tap on the OK button, now you can see your hidden files are now retrieved and you can also see them in your Gallery app.

Congratulation! Now you know how to hide albums in your Android Gallery app. Enjoy!

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