To keep our Mac running smooth and swiftly we often require to free up some space from Mac books because the SSD (Solid-state Drive) in them come with lesser capacity than the hard drives so it’s relatively more often to free up space of your Mac, as you might also hesitate to keep large files on them. In this article, I will guide you how to free space on Mac, so you don’t have to buy extra portable or external hard drive for your Mac.

So let’s start with the stepwise guide that will enlighten you with some tips and trick that will help you free up space on your Mac.

Step 1: Open About This Mac

Click on the Apple icon as highlighted above. This will drop down a menu with a list of options.

After the menu appears, click on the About This Mac option as highlighted above.

Step 2: Managing Storage

About this Mac window will appear, as shown above, now from the tabs, click on the Storage option to open the Storage pane.

Now you can see above that your macOS Sierra Drive is now being calculated, wait till the calculation bar colors up.

After detection of storage is complete, click on the Manage button as highlighted above.

After hitting Manage button now you can see that macOS Sierra Windows will appear as shown above and on the left side pane you can see some options in the Navigation pane menu in which Recommendations option is being selected as a default.

From the Navigation Menu pane, you can also select any option you want to free space of in particular. Every option has a calculated storage defined against it as highlighted above.

In the Recommendation option, you can see that mac has recommended you some common options from where you can free up space on your Mac.

Store In iCloud…

If you choose the Store in iCloud option then you can store your recent files on iCloud but you have to make sure that you’re connected with the internet. Apple gives you only 5 GB of space for free but yes you can always have more space but only if you’re willing to purchase it.

Optimize Storage

If you choose the Optimize option it will delete iTunes movies and TV shows that you have watched and it will also remove the Email attachments but don’t worry because your list of movies and TV shows will be available on iTunes and you can download them again for free and your E-mail attachments have already been stored in iCloud server.

Empty Trash Automatically

If you click on the Turn On… option a pop up will appear asking you to make sure if you want to Turn on the Empty Trash Automatically as shown above. It will then automatically remove any file in your Trash after 30 days, so it gives you 30 days to reconsider if you want the file back.

Reduce Clutter

If you choose the Review files option then your mac will open up a window that from where it will detect the old files, documents and unnecessary disk images on your mac, from where you can delete them easily by clicking on the Magnifying glass icon.

If you choose any from the recommendation options you can see a green checkmark and completed written against that option as shown above.

Hope this helped you free up space on your Mac, Enjoy!

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