The Microsoft Photos app is not the default but is the only Photo Viewer app in Windows 10, which has been replaced by the Classic Photo Viewer that was used in Windows 7/8. The new Microsoft Photo app was introduced in Windows 8.1 alongside the Classic Photo Viewer but on the upgrade of Windows 10, Microsoft took the Classic Photo Viewer away. The Microsoft Photos App provides more features than the Classic Photo Viewer such as Edit and Create where it allows you to crop, change image filter, add effects, Draw, Add video or music, add 3D effects and many more features which are good to have. After providing with all these features Microsoft was unable to optimize the Photos App as it is claimed to be very slow by most of the users. So, in this article, I will walk you through some methods to Fix Photos App in Windows 10.

Before you start with the stepwise guide there are some requirements that you should preserve, these requirements are listed below:

  • You should be updated to the latest version of Windows 10.
  • Close the Microsoft Photos app if you currently have it opened.
  • Your Pc should be connected to the Internet throughout the process.
Now let’s start with the guide.

Method 1: Reset or Repair Microsoft Photos App

Open Windows settings

From the Windows Start Menu, click on the Settings Icon to open up the Windows Settings as shown above.

Apps Windows Settings

After Windows Settings pane launches up, click on the Apps option as highlighted above.

Apps & Features

From the Apps Settings, make sure you are in the Apps & features settings by clicking on the Apps & features option from the Apps navigation panes as highlighted above. Now from the Apps & features settings, scroll down to the Apps list to locate the Microsoft Photos app as shown above.

Advance Options

After locating the Microsoft Photos, click on the App which will enable the properties option of the apps as shown above. From the options, click on the Advanced options link as highlighted above.

Microsoft Photos Advance options

After entering the Advanced settings of Microsoft Photos, scroll down to the Reset section as shown above. You can either:

  1. Repair the App: Click on the Repair button to make Windows process a repair on the Photos app, this will try to find any missing file in the app by troubleshooting it.
  2. Reset the App: after repairing, if the App is still not working properly then you can click on the Reset button. This will make Windows reinstall the Microsoft Photos app completely to revert it back to its default settings.

 Method 2: Reinstall it Manually

Sometimes reinstalling it manually does the trick, because updating the apps might overlap the system files which can make the whole app to function improperly.

Search PowerShell

Open up the Windows Search from the taskbar and type in PowerShell as shown above. Under the Best match, right-click on the Windows PowerShell Desktop app option which will pop up its context menu as shown above. From the menu click on the Run as administrator option as highlighted above.

type in the command in powershell

Now, in the PowerShell window, type in the following Commands as shown above:

Get-AppxPackage *photo* | Remove-AppxPackage and hit enter.

After entering the command, A ‘Deployment operation progress …’ message will temporarily appear and disappear when the uninstallation is done as shown above. Now you can see that Microsoft Photos app has now been uninstalled from your Windows 10.

Open Store

Now in order to reinstall the Microsoft Photos App, open up the Microsoft Store either by clicking on the Store Icon located on the taskbar or from the Windows Start menu Tile under Explore section as shown above.

Search for Microsoft Photos

After Microsoft window launch up, click on the search icon to enable search and type in Microsoft Photos, from the search list click on the Microsoft Photos App as highlighted above.

Install from store

Now click on the Install button and wait till the installation is completed as shown above.

After the installation is complete open any image to see if now your App is working properly or not.

Method 3: Choose the Classic Photo Viewer

If you’re just trying to open images for fast viewing and maneuvering then the only option left for you is choosing the Classic Photo Viewer in Windows 10.

Quick Tip
Use the Classic Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10. Follow our guide to enable Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 to get rid of the sluggishness of the Microsoft Photos app.

Read More

Windows App Settings

From Windows Settings, click on the Apps option as highlighted above.

Default Apps Settings

From the Apps Navigation menu, click on the Default apps option as highlighted above. From Default apps settings, under the Choose default apps section, click on the Photo Viewer, this will pop up a dialog box, now choose Windows Photo Viewer from the options as shown above.

If you Windows Photo Viewer option doesn’t appear in the list then please visit the above-mentioned article to enable it.

Note: You can also install any of the third-party apps that you trust for the default Photo Viewer in Windows 10.

That’s it! Hope this article helped you on the slow opening of the Windows Photo App in Windows 10. If you have any confusion or experienced any difficulty following the instructions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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