Microsoft introduced windows defender in Windows Vista and was included in every Windows upgrade ever since. Windows Defender is a built-in antivirus software that is also provided in Windows 10. Windows defender wasn’t used to be very reliable antivirus before its new upgrade in windows 10. If you are using Windows 10 and now using any third party antivirus on your PC then Windows defender will be your default antivirus. Windows defender now provides exceptional malware, spyware and other security threat real-time protection with some new and handy features that keep your data and files safe from viruses. But what if you trust a file that you want to install or a folder which contains certain files that Windows defender is flagging it to be dangerous and asks you to remove it as it may harm your PC, what will you do? Luckily, windows defender has the feature from which you can exclude your files and folders to scan them. So, in this Article, I will guide you on how to exclude files and folders from Windows Defender Antivirus scans.

Let’s start with a stepwise guide.

Step 1: open Settings from Start Menu

Click on the Start menu windows icon as shown above.

Click on the Settings option in the start menu as shown above.

Step 2: Open Windows Defender from Settings

After Settings window appears, click on the Update & security option as shown above.

After opening UPDATE & SECURITY Settings, click on the Windows Defender option on the left navigation menu pane as shown above.

Step 3: Excluding files from windows defender scan

Scroll down till you find Exclusions feature in Windows Defender settings. Now, click on the Add an exclusion (as shown above) to proceed.

Now you will be directed to the ADD AN EXCLUSION windows as shown above.

Now, click on the Exclude a file option as shown above.

An Open dialog box will pop up as shown above, now select the file you want to exclude and click on the Exclude this file button.

You can see your selected file has been listed listed as shown above.

You can also Remove the Excluded files by clicking on the file, a Remove button will slide and appear, click on the Remove button a pop up will occur asking you to remove it click Yes to remove.

Step 4: Excluding folder from windows defender scan

Click on the Exclude a folder option as shown above.

A Select Folder window will pop up as shown above, now select the desired folder you want to exclude. Click on the Exclude this folder button after selecting the folder.

Now you can see your selected folder has been listed as shown above.

You can also remove the folder similarly as you removed the file from exclusion.

Congratulations! Now you know how to exclude files and folders from Windows Defender Antivirus scans. Enjoy!

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