Android provides some nifty features in its smartphones for which they allow us to configure them with some simple and mainstream settings, just to keep things user-friendly. But do you know, Android also provides some hidden advanced settings and some features from where you can access some helpful and important tools and tweaks for your Android device. These advanced settings have been placed in a secret menu called “Developer Options”. Every Android smartphone is equipped with the “Developer options” feature, it is just hidden as a default and you have to enable it to access it.

The “Developer Options” is built for the benefit of developers who are trying to access few features to test their applications by enabling USB debugging but mostly are using it to enable ADB feature for rooting their device, but there is more than just testing and debugging as it has a handful of useful things that you can manipulate in your Android device. From faking GPS locations to recording screen activity, developer options enable you to explore and learn the features to know more about your Android device. So in this article, I will walk you through on how to enable Developer Options on your Android Phone.

So let’s start with the guide…

Find Build Number on Your Android Phone (Method 1)

If you’re using latest Android device or any stock Android device (like Google Pixel) then below is the way from which you can locate your Android device’s build number option.

How to Enable Developer Options on any Android phone
  1. Open up the App drawer on your Android device and tap on the Settings icon as shown above. This will open up the Settings menu.
  2. Now from the settings menu, scroll to the end and tap to open up the System settings as highlighted above.
  3. From the System settings, tap on the About Phone option as highlighted above.
  4. Now somewhere at the end of the About Phone’s menu, you can find Build number option as highlighted.

Find Build Number on Your Android Phone (Method 2)

How to Enable Developer Options on any Android phone

From your Settings search bar, simply type in “build number” and tap on the first option as highlighted above. This will automatically direct you to the build number option in the About Phone’s menu.

If you’re not using a stock Android phone, then your Android phone might have the Build number somewhere else in the Settings but can easily be found. Some of the commonly used Android phones manufacturers has its Build number option located at:

For Samsung Galaxy S8 and later Phones: Go to “Settings” -> open “About phone” option -> open “Software information” -> locate “Build number”

For LG G6 and later Phones: Go to “Settings” -> open “About phone” option -> open Software info -> locate “Build number”.

For HTC U11 and later Phones: Go to “Settings” -> open “About option” -> open “Software information” -> tap on “More” -> locate “Build number”

For OnePlus 5T and later Phones: Go to “Settings” -> open “About phone” option -> locate “Build number”.

Enable Developer Options

How to Enable Developer Options on any Android phone

Now all you have to do is to tap on the Build Number option for 7 times, after each tap your Android device will pop up a toast message that you’re now X steps away from being a developer as shown above.

How to Enable Developer Options on any Android phone

After you complete all the required steps of tapping on the Build number option, if you have assigned a screen lock then your Android device will ask you to reenter the pin code for security purpose. Enter your Pin code and then you will see a toast message (pop up message) that “You are now a developer” as shown above.

Access the Developer Options:

How to Enable Developer Options on any Android phone

To access the Developer options, head back to the System Settings. From the System settings menu, tap on the Advanced options as highlighted above. This will enable more options in which you can locate the Developers options from the list as highlighted.

Disable Developer Options:

How to Enable Developer Options on any Android phone
  1. Open up the Developer options from the advanced menu, you can see that its toggle button is On as highlighted above.
  2. Tap on the toggle button, this will disable Developer options as highlighted above.
  3. Head back to the System settings, now expand the Advanced option and you’ll see that Developer options have now been disabled. When needed, you can always turn it back On similarly how you enabled it before.

That’s it! Hope this article has helped you to enable Developer option on your Android phone. If you have any confusion or experienced any difficulty in following the instructions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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