As interest for the online gaming is on the horizon, online gaming companies have maintained an up to par and professional environment for the gamers. Whether you are a 6-year-old or at 60, everyone seems to be indulged in this online gaming triumph. One of these online games that taking over the world like a virus infects a layperson’s computer is “Fortnite”. Yes, Fortnite is ruling the charts and increasing gamer’s interest day by day.

Fortnite is a free online battle royal game that is developed by Epic Games Company.  But not everything in this auspicious game is free as the company should also deserve something for their hard work. Fortnite allows the user to customise the heroes that make them unique from other players and this customization comes in the form of items, skins, attires, gliders, pickaxes, and much more. This customization takes V-bucks, which is your virtual money convert from real money, so you have to buy V-bucks in order to make your player look different.

What if all these V-buck bought and all them unlocks you made suddenly disappear or leaving you stranded by not accessing into your own account? Yes, there are so many scammers and hackers out there who are prying just to get into your account. Well, this can happen to anyone who hasn’t used Fortnite 2FA (two-factor authentication) facility on its user account. Fortnite 2FA doesn’t just secure your account from these unscrupulous people but also unlock a free boogie down emote dance for you. Fortnite hasn’t aware its previous users and not guided how to do it, so here is the guide which will tell you how to enable and use Fortnite 2FA.

Enable Fortnite Two-Factor Authentication.

Enabling Fortnite’s 2FA is an easy process as it helps you secure and protects your account using various methods. Each method used in Fortnite 2FA allows you to access your Fortnite account after you type in the right security code provided to you. To check what methods it has to offer you have to go to the Fortnite 2FA page, just click on the link and you’ll be directed to the official site page.

enable and use Fortnite 2FA

After clicking on the link given above, if you are not signed in to your Fortnite’s account, then you will be asked to sign in to your Fortnite account as shown above. Simply type in your username and password and click on the SINGIN button.

enable and use Fortnite 2FA

After successful SIGN-IN to your account, you will be automatically directed to the Two-Factor Authentication section inside the Password & Security section as shown above. Here under TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION section see 2 methods from which you can use the Fortnite’s 2FA. Bear in mind that you can only choose one of the methods at a time in order to use 2FA. So let me walk you through both methods and how to enable them, but make sure that you have a verified email address in order to enable the authentication methods.

Method 1: Enable Fortnite 2FA through Authentication App

In order to use Fortnite Two-Factor Authentication using Authentication App then you have to download one of these apps. You can download the Google Authenticator app on your device in order to enable Authentication App. After installing the Authenticator app on your device from your browser, click on the Enable Authenticator App button. Now, you can see an Enable Authenticator App dialog box pop-up as shown below.

enable and use Fortnite 2FA

In the Enable Authenticator App dialog box, you can see three easy steps to enable 2FA on your Fortnite account.

  1. The first steps tell you to download an Authenticator app which you have already done.
  2. In the second step, you have to open up the Authenticator app on your device as shown below. Now, under the Add, an account section, tap on the Scan a barcode option as shown below.
enable and use Fortnite 2FA

Now you have to place the barcode on Enable Authenticator App dialog box in the middle of the red line square on your mobile camera in order to authenticate.

enable and use Fortnite 2FA

After successful bar code reading the Google authenticator will identify that it is a Fortnite user account and will direct you to a page on your phone where you can see a generated code as shown below. Each generated code will be refreshed after a while so make sure you do it within the given time. Simply click on the Add account button.

enable and use Fortnite 2FA
    1. Now type in the shown code under the Security Code text field of the SIGN-IN WITH YOUR SECURITY CODE section. Now click on the Activate button.

After activating through security code you will see a dialog box showing that Authenticator App has been enabled. You can generate back up codes in case you lose access to the Authenticator app, this allows you to use one of the codes to access your account. You can leave this option by clicking on the cross button or you can proceed to do so by clicking on the Generate Codes button as shown below.

enable and use Fortnite 2FA

After clicking on the Generate Codes button you will be directed to the Backup Codes dialog box as shown below. Under the Codes section, you can see a series of codes that you can use when the security code is required for the Fortnite 2FA. You can simply download Code and keep it safe by clicking on the Download Codes button or if you want to refresh codes then click on the Generate New Codes option and then download codes.

enable and use Fortnite 2FA

That’s it for enabling Fortnite 2FA through Authenticator App, you’re good to go.

Method 2: Enabling Fortnite 2FA through Email Authentication

Enabling Fortnite 2FA through email authentication will allow Fortnite to provide you the security code on the Email associated with them. So whenever you SignIn your Fortnite account, a security code will be sent to your Email which you have to type in to access the account. In order to Enable Email authentication, follow the steps below.

Click on the Enable Email Authentication button from the Two-Factor Authentication section in the Password & Security settings. Now you will see an Enable Email Authentication dialog box as shown below. From the dialog box, you have to type in the security code that you have just received on your associated Email address. Simply copy the security code from the Email inbox and paste it in the Security code field and click on the Continue button to proceed.

enable and use Fortnite 2FA

After entering the correct security code you will be prompted with an Email Authentication Enabled dialog box as shown below. Simply click on the Done button to close the dialog box. Now the next time you log in to the Fortnite account you will be asked to enter the security code that they just sent on your associated Email address.

enable and use Fortnite 2FA

That’s it for enabling Fortnite 2FA through Email Authentication.


Protecting your account using a two-factor authentication method is essential, as it not only saves you from losing your account from hackers and scammers but also unlocks a few Emotes and glides in the store. We have shown you the different methods from which you secure your Epic Games account. So hope this article has helped you in learning how to enable and use Fortnite 2FA. If you have any confusion, experienced any difficulty following the instructions or you think that we have missed something, please let us know in the comments section below.

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