Epic Games has developed a phenomenon last player standing game whose roots are based on the Japanese novel and film Battle Royal. Fortnite has made his presence known in the world of gaming as it has become the most downloaded and played online multi-player shooting game. After releasing it in 2017 on iPhone devices, Fortnite has won several Best Ongoing Game awards in 2018 and now has released on other platforms like Android and PCs (MAC, Windows). Fortnite main mode like Battle Royal is the most popular among the gamers from other modes provided in the game. The Battle Royal is a free-for-all last player shooting match, where up to 100 players are matched in a game where each player find weapons and armory to defend for their lone survival just like PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds).

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PUBG is free online multiplayer Shooting game. Follow our guide to Install PUBG Mobile by installing it’s official Tencent’s Emulator in your Windows 10.

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If you are interested to play Fortnite on your PC then you’re at the right place because in this article I will guide you on how to download and install Fortnite on your Windows 10 as Epic Games now provide its own Gaming platform from where you have to log in from Epic Games account to play Fortnite.

Before you start with the stepwise guide, there are some of the requirements that you should preserve before installing Fortnite on your Windows 10 PC. These requirements are listed below.

  • Your PC should have at least 20 GB free space on a hard drive
  • Your PC should have a minimum of 4 GB RAM installed
  • Your PC should have a minimum of Intel HD 4000 GPU
  • Your PC should have a minimum processor of core i3 2.4GHz
Now let’s start with the stepwise guide.

Step 1: Open Epic Games Official Website

Search For Fortnite

Open up Google search on your browser and search for “Epic Games Fortnite” as shown above. From the Search list, click on the First link that appears on the list as highlighted above.

Step 2: Sign up to download Epic Games Launcher

Click on Play Free Now

After clicking on the link you will be redirected to the Epic Games official website as shown above. Now under Get Fortnite tab, simply click on the “Play Free Now” button as highlighted above.

Click on PC/MAC icon

After clicking on the button, you will see a pop-up screen asking you “How would you like to play?” as shown above. Now from the listed options icon, click on the PC/MAC icon as highlighted above.

Sign up or Sign In Epic Games

After getting redirected to the Signup page as shown above. You can either:

  1. Click on the Sign in button under if you already have an Epic Games Account as highlighted above.
  2. If you don’t have Epic Games account then you can sign up either from any of the listed social media accounts or you can type in the credentials in the listed fields and make sure to checkmark the I have read and agree to the terms of services checkbox as shown above then click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button.
Click on Keep to download

After successful Sign-Up, you will be signed in on the Epic Games website automatically. After successful Sign In your Epic Game Installer file will be ready. If you’re using Chrome browser then you will receive a warning message before downloading the installer file as shown above. Simply click on the Keep button to carry on downloading the installer file.

Step 3: Run the Epic Games Launcher

Open up installer

After downloading is complete, you can either click to open up the installer for Fortnite from the browser as shown above or you can locate the downloads folder where you have downloaded the installer file.

Note: On each User Account Control message during the installation process, click on the Yes button to Allow Windows to trust the installer and launcher.
Install the Epic Launcher

Now you can see that Epic Games Launcher Setup dialog box has appeared as shown above. In the Destination Folder phase, we recommend you to leave the destination as default but if you want to change the folder directory then you can click on the Change button. Simply click on the Install button to proceed.

Installation process

After clicking on the Install button, wait until the setup installs the Epic Games Launcher. When the installation is complete it will automatically close the Setup.

Launcher Updates

After Setup is closed, Epic Games Launcher will open up, as shown above, wait until it updates the launcher.

Firewall security Alert

If Windows Defender Firewall has blocked the Epic Games Launcher from launching then you will experience a Security Alert dialog box as shown above. Simply click on the Allow access button as highlighted above.

Step 4: Sign In with Epic Games Account

Sign in Launcher

From the Epic Games Launcher, type in the Email and Password of your Epic Games account and then click on the Sign In button as highlighted above.

Step 5: Install Fortnite from Launcher

Epic Games Launcher

Now from the Launcher, click on the Free button on the Fortnite from the store as shown above.

Agree End user License

After clicking on the Free button, an End-user License Agreement dialog box will pop up as shown above. Make sure to checkmark the checkbox of “I have read and agree with the End User License Agreement” and then click on the Accept button as highlighted above.

Install Fortnite

After Agreeing with the End user license, the dialog box will disappear now you will be enabled to click on the INSTALL button, click on the button to proceed.

Choose install location

After clicking on the Install button, a Choose install location dialog box will pop up as shown above. Leave each option as default and click on the Install button as highlighted above.

Installation process

Now you can see that the launcher has now started installing Fortnite on your PC as shown above.

Connect Social Account

At the beginning of the installation process, the launcher will pop up a window asking you to connect your social account to find friends on Epic Games, simply click on the X button to close the window if you’re not interested as shown above.

Launcher Downloads

From the Launcher, you can track your installation process or pause the downloading of the Fortnite by clicking on the DOWNLOADS options in the Launcher navigation menu as highlighted above. This process will take some time depending upon the connection and PC speed, now wait until the Installation is complete.

That’s it! Hope this article helped you on how to download and install Fortnite in Windows 10. If you have any confusion or experienced any difficulty following the instructions, please let us know in the comments sections below.

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