These windows 10 forced updates are heaping up, downloading and installing on your system and eating up the space of your PC on the daily bases. No doubt, these forced updated are meant to be stabling your OS and bringing up new features in Windows 10, but these updates will remain controversial because of their forced updates. These forced updates have caused many problems and system breakdown to the Windows 10 user. Sadly, Windows 10 Home version users cannot disable these forced windows updates, so they have to live up with these updates, whereas there is a good news for Windows 10 Pro version users as they can get rid of these forced updates. So, in this article, I will guide you how to disable Windows 10 forced updates.

The new windows 10 update has taken down the option to manipulate Group Policy Editor. So I will show you two options from where you can disable the updates from downloading and installing on your PC.

So let’s start with a stepwise guide.

Option 1: Disable from Services.

Step 1: Open up services windows from Run

Open up Run dialog box by (Holding Windows key and pressing R key). Now type the name services.msc against Open: field as shown above. Press OK to proceed.

Now, Services windows will be launched in front of you as shown above.

Step 2: Stop the Windows Update Service

Now scroll down until you find the Windows update service as highlighted above. Now double click on Windows Update option to open its properties or right click on the option and select Properties from the menu to proceed.

After opening up the windows update properties, a dialog box of Windows updates properties will pop up on the screen as shown above.

Now, click on the Stop button (as shown above) to stop the update service.

A dialog box will appear (as shown above) which will tell you that Windows is attempting to stop the service, wait until the dialog is finished and closed, don’t close this dialog box by yourself.

Step 3: Disable the Startup type

After your Windows Update service has stopped successfully. Now, click on the dropdown Menu as shown above.

Choose the Disabled option from the drop-down menu option as shown below. Now, click on Apply then click Ok.

This will disable your Windows 10 updates to start up even after you restart your PC.

Option 2: Setting your Network as a Metered Connection

Step 1: Open up Network and Internet from Settings

Click on the Start Menu Windows Icon as shown above.

Now select Settings option from the Menu as shown above.

After Settings Windows pops up, click on the Network & Internet options as shown above.

Step 2: Metering your Internet Connection

Make sure that you are connected to an internet connection as shown above.

Now click on the Advanced options as shown above to proceed.

Now, turn On the metered connection toggle button to set your internet as the metered connection as shown above. This will disable Windows updates to download and install on your Pc but remember you have to make this change on each internet network that you connect with.

Congratulations! Now you know how to disable Windows 10 forced updates. Enjoy using your Windows 10 without any updates that cause the problem.

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