Managing space of your smartphone’s apps is indispensable, that we neglect which causes eating up a lot of space from our smartphones. These apps consume the space of our smartphones by storing app data which includes search engine history, files, settings and accounts data, other user-defined data and cache data, which we thoroughly discussed in the previous article of:

In this article, I will guide you How to delete data stored by Google Play services because Google apps are the most commonly used apps in every Android smartphone which tends to consume the space by storing app data, app cache, wearable’s data search and history of the user.

So, let’s start with the stepwise guide in which I will show you how to delete data stored in google play services app.

Note: Google Play Services app includes all google apps that are installed in your Android Smartphone.

Step 1: Open Apps from Settings

Slide down your Notification panel and tap on the Settings icon as shown above or you can open settings from your app drawer.

After Settings launches up, scroll down until you find Apps options as highlighted above, tap on the Apps to proceed.

Step 2: Open Google play services Storage

Now scroll down until you find Google Play services app as highlighted above. Tap on the Google Play services app to proceed.

Now tap on the Storage option to proceed.

Now tap on the MANAGE SPACE button to proceed.

After Google Play services storage opens up, you can Manage Search data, Manage wearable storage and clear all data of you google play services app.

Step 3: Managing Search data

Now tap on the MANGAGE SEARCH DATA to open the apps that installed or linked through Google Play Services.

Now you can see that it has listed all the apps that Google Play services are linked with and stored search data of apps including itself. You can choose any of the apps from the list to manage the space of app data and search data. In this tutorial, I have selected the Google app, but you can select and manage any of the apps from the list individually.

Tap on the Storage button as shown above.

Now tap on the MANAGE SPACE to proceed.

The CLEAR GOOGLE SEARCH DATA button will delete all search data that you searched using Google App.

The CLEAR LAUNCHER data will delete all launcher data which also includes your Home screen Layout settings.

CLEAR ALL DATA will delete your search data as well as your launcher data that is used by Google application.

So similarly you can delete the search engine data or app data of other apps.

Step 4: Deleting App Data.

Going back on the Google Play services storage, you can tap on CLEAR ALL DATA to delete the search engine data, files, settings, accounts, and other user-defined data.

After tapping on the CLEAR ALL DATA button you will be asked to delete the app data? As shown above, tap on OK to delete Google Play Services app data. Don’t worry this will not delete your app data or searches from Google apps linked with Google play services.

Congratulations! Now you know how to delete data from android apps. In Part 2, I will guide you on how to delete data from Android apps and PC.

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