The new update of Windows 10 version 1703 build has introduced a feature of Mobile Hotspot, which can be accessed through Networks & Internet settings. By turning on the Mobile Hotspot feature you can create a hotspot in your windows 10 and share your internet with the other devices through your Wi-Fi, Ethernet or cellular data. This feature can also be used to strengthen the signals of the internet on other devices that are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi that your laptop is connected to. If your home internet router has a limited space for users to connect with, you can create a Hotspot in Windows 10 through mobile hotspot feature to chip in more user that could access the internet, Neat! If your laptop is connected with cellular data then remember sharing your cellular internet through mobile hotspot with users will also consume your data package. So, in this article, I will guide you on how to create a Hotspot in Windows 10.

Before I start with the stepwise guide, there are some requirements that you should preserve while creating a hotspot in Windows 10, these requirements are listed below.

  • Windows 10 version updated to 1703 build or latest.
  • Stable Internet connection throughout the process
  • Connected to the Internet while creating a hotspot

Let’s start with the stepwise guide.

Step 1: Open Network & Internet Settings

Open Settings from Start Menu as shown above or press (Windows key + I key) to open Settings form your desktop.

After your Windows Settings appear, click on the Network & Internet settings as highlighted above.

Step 2: Editing Mobile Hotspot settings

After Entering Network & Internet, click on the Mobile Hotspot option in the Navigation Menu pane as highlighted above. Make sure you’re connected to the internet connection to avoid the error given under Mobile hotspot as shown above.

Now, click on the Edit button (as shown above) to change the hotspot’s username and password to user-defined just to make it easier to remember.

After clicking on the Edit button, you will see a pop window of Edit network info, as shown above, now you can change the Network name and password to your desire. After you’re done click on Save button to save changes as highlighted above.

 Step 3: Sharing your internet through Mobile hotspot

Now you can Turn on the Mobile hotspot toggle button as highlighted with an arrow above. This will start broadcasting your internet and make it discoverable for other devices to connect with. You can also check how many devices are connected with your hotspot as shown above.

Congratulations! Now you know how to create a Hotspot in Windows 10. Enjoy!

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