Sometimes hotspot can become a blessing in disguise for so many reasons, it can act as an alternative Wi-Fi router which can also help in boosting up the Wi-Fi signals power for the device that is relatively weak in catching signals. It can help you add more user to the limited connectivity of your general router. It can also act as a lifesaver if you don’t wish to give away your main router’s Wi-Fi password, as you can make up another through Wi-Fi hotspot. So after having so many benefits of the hotspot, in this article, I will guide you how to set up hotspot on Mac.

Before you begin there are some requirements that you should preserve, these requirements are listed below.

  • You should be running on Mac OS X
  • Wi-Fi Connection throughout the process
  • Ethernet connection to your Mac

Let’s start with the stepwise guide.

Step 1: Open Sharing from System Preferences

Open up the System Preferences as shown above. Now, click on the Sharing icon button as highlighted above.

Step 2: Modify Internet Sharing

In the Sharing pane, click on the Internet sharing option from the navigation menu as shown highlighted above, here you can see that the internet Sharing is Off as shown above.

In Internet Sharing pane, change the Share your connection from option from default WIFI to Ethernet, this will enable the WIFI option in the To computers using option, as shown above, now, checkmark the Wi-Fi option as highlighted above.

Step 3: Modify Wi-Fi options

Now click on the Wi-Fi Options… button as highlighted above. This will pop up a dialog box for Wi-Fi options.

When a dialog box appears, as shown above, you can modify your hotspot name next to Network Name, let the Channel set on the default. Now, click on the Security drop-down arrow.

In the Security drop-down options, select the WPA2 Personal option to enable the password security for your hotspot.

After setting the Security to WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) 2 Personal, set the password and then retype the same password in the Verify field as shown above. Now, click on the OK button as highlighted above.

After modifying the Wi-Fi options you will be redirected to the Internet sharing pane, now check to enable the Internet sharing in the navigation menu as highlighted above to turn on the Internet sharing.

Step 4: Turn on the internet sharing

After clicking on the checkbox a pop up will appear with a warning that are you sure you want to turn on Internet sharing? As shown above. Now, click on the Start button to proceed.

Now you can see that the check mark has appeared against the Internet sharing option and the red dot has now changed to Green, indicating that your internet Sharing is now turned On.

You can also notice that your Wi-Fi signal icon has an arrow with an upward direction on it, now which means your hotspot is up and running.

Congratulations! Now you know how to set up a hotspot in MAC. Enjoy!

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