In this article, I will guide you on how to clear the search history of Google Apps in Android smartphones. The Google includes a pack of apps, featuring Google Chrome, YouTube, Maps etc. I will walk you through on clearing the search history of some apps and their features from within the Google apps.

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Before starting a stepwise guide, there are some requirements you should preserve. These requirements are listed below.

  • Internet connection throughout the process
  • Android Version running 5.1 or higher
  • Google app updated to or any latest version
  • Google Chrome updated to 68.0.3440.91 or higher version
  • Google Maps updated to 9.84.0 or higher version.

Now let’s start with the stepwise guide.

Clearing History from Google Chrome for Android.

Step 1: Open Chrome Browser

Open up the Chrome app from your app drawer or Google folder as shown above.

Step 2: Open History in Chrome Browser

Now tap on the overflow menu (three vertical dots) as highlighted above.

A Menu bar will pop up, as shown above, now click on the History button as highlighted above.

Step 3: Clearing Browser History

After tapping on the History button, History activity will appear as shown above. You can see recent websites that you have visited, and each website has a X sign against them (as highlighted above) from which you can tap on it to delete the website individually.

Tap on the CLEAR BROWSING DATA.. button as highlighted above, this will enable you to manage more selective features.

After opening up Clearing browsing data you can manipulate two features for clearing browser data, First one is BASIC and the other one is ADVANCED,

In Basic, you can checkmark Browsing history, Cookies and site data, and Cached images and files, which will clear the entire browsing history but you can also change the Time range which allows you to choose from specific time period to clear data of your browsing history. Now tap on the CLEAR DATA option to clear the selected browsing data as highlighted above.

In Advanced option you are enabled to clear Saved Passwords, Autofill from data, Site settings, and Media Licenses. Checkmark the desired options and click on the CLEAR DATA button to clear the browsing data.

Clearing Okay Google and audio History For Android

Step 1: Open MyActivity from Chrome History

To clear the okay google voice and other audio history, follow the same steps until you opened History from the Chrome app.

After opening History activity from chrome browser, as shown above, click on the link as highlighted above.

It will direct you to Google’s MyActivity website from your Chrome web browser, from where you can manage different activities. In the intro screens, as shown above, read the instructions and tap on the NEXT button, as shown above, this will only appear the first time you visit the website.

Step 2: Open Activity Controls

After you’re done with the intro screens, tap on the drawer Menu icon (three horizontal lines) as highlighted above.

Now, click on the Activity controls options as highlighted above. This will direct you to the Activity controls.

Step 3: Clearing Voice & Audio Activity

Now in Activity controls, you can see many activities listed, scroll down until you find Voice & Audio Activity as shown above, and now click on the MANAGE ACTIVITY button as highlighted above.

When you enter the Voice & Audio activity, tap on the overflow menu (three vertical lines) as highlighted above.

Now tap on the Delete activity by option to proceed.

You can delete your voice and audio either by topic or product other or by date option as shown above. Tap on the DELETE button to delete with desired option.

Clearing search history from google maps for Android

Step 1: Open Google Maps

Open Google Maps from your app drawer or google folder in Android smartphones.

Step 2: Open Google Maps Settings

When you enter the Maps, tap on the drawer menu as highlighted above.

After clicking on the drawer menu icon a drawer will slide out with options as shown above.

Now, scroll down until you find Settings. Tap on the Settings options as highlighted above.

Step 3: Clearing Maps History

From Settings, tap on the Maps history as highlighted above.

In Maps History you can see all the visited and shaved locations, each location has a X sign against them. Tap on the X sign to delete the particular location as highlighted above.

After you tap the X sign, a pop up will appear which will ask for confirmation, tap on the DELETE button as highlighted above.

Clearing search history from Youtube for Android.

Step 1: Open Youtube App

Open the Youtube app from your Android’s app drawer or Google app folder.

Step 2: Open settings from Profile Account

Now click on the profile icon as highlighted above.

After your profile account opens up, tap on the Settings options as shown above.

Step 3: Clearing search History

Now tap on the History & privacy options as shown above.

From History & privacy, you can Clear watch History and Clear search History as shown above.

Tap on the Clear search history as highlighted above.

Tap on the CLEAR SEARCH HISTORY button as shown above. This will delete the Youtube search history. Do the same for Clear Watch History Option.

That’s it! Hope this will help you clear out the search histories form the Google apps. If you want to include other apps, do let me know in the comments section.

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