Your new laptop with windows 10 might come in default regional language which you might want to change or you just bought a second-hand laptop in which its default language is used as English but now you want it to be changed to your requirement. Windows 10 now support up to 140 languages in a single Windows which will for sure supports a language that you want to set as a default. So, in this article, I will guide you how to change the language in Windows 10 according to your requirement.

Before starting with the step by step guide there are some requirements that you should preserve. These requirements are listed below.

  • You should be running Windows 10
  • Windows 10 with version 1703 or above
  • Internet connection throughout the process

Now let’s start with the guide.

Step 1: Open Settings

Click on the Windows start menu icon as shown above.

Now click on the Settings icon to open up the Settings windows as highlighted above.

Step 2: Add new language

In Settings pane now click on the Time & Language option as highlighted above.

In the Time & Language settings, you can see the navigation menu pane at the left side of the window. Now, select the Region & language option as shown above.

In Region & language, under Languages heading click on the Add a language + button as highlighted above.

Now windows will load up all of the supported languages in a list, you can find and select a particular language from the list or you can type in the name of your language in a Type a language name text field as shown above with an arrow.

Type in a language name you want to add, in my case I have typed in to find the language I prefer. Now once the language you desire is found, as shown above, click on that language button.

Now if the language is used in multiple countries then it will show you multiple options from which you have to choose from. Click on the desired option to select and proceed.

Step 3: Download Language pack

After selecting the desired language, you will be redirected to the Region & language windows. Now, under Languages heading you can see your added languages has now been listed, click on the language to enable some options as shown above.

Now click on the Options button to download its language pack.

This will open up the language options as shown above. Now click on the Download button to download and install the language pack and Basic typing or any other download option your particular language supports.

This will download and install as shown above.

Step 4: Set added language as default

Now go back to the Region & language pane and click on the language to enable options. Now, click on the Set as default button to set the particular language as the default language of the Windows.

Now after pressing the Set as default button, the language will not be applied instantly, it will show you a message that the language will now be displayed until the next sign in as highlighted above. So, now go ahead and Restart your PC.

After restarting your PC you can see that the Windows language has now been totally changed as shown above.

Step 5: Switch between input languages

You can now also change your keyboard’s input language, which will only change the default keyboard input language. To do that you can press and hold the Windows key from your keyboard and then simply press the spacebar key, as now you can see the supported keyboard languages now appear from the right side of the screen as shown above. Keep holding the Windows key and switch between the languages options by hitting spacebar key, now just release Windows key to select the desired language for keyboard typing.

That’s it hope it helped you to understand how to change Language in Windows 10.

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