It has become essential to block certain websites from your browser, either you are a parent worrying for your kid who might access the unnecessary websites or as a company owner who wants to block all the social media websites so that the employees pay full concentration to their work. Luckily your Mac has the feature that can block all the unnecessary websites that you want to be blocked. So, in this article, I will walk you through the steps from where you can know how to block websites on a Mac.

So let’s start with the stepwise guide.

Step 1: Open Parental Controls from System Preferences

Click on the Apple Logo, a drop-down menu will appear with some options as shown above. Now, select the System Preferences option as highlighted above.

If System Preferences window doesn’t show as it is shown above, click on the twelve dots icon on windows bar as highlighted above. Now click on the Parental Controls options as highlighted above.

Step 2: Create a New User Account

There are two ways to set parental controls to an account, either you can make the existing admin account to a parental control account if all the users have an access to your Mac account and you want everyone including yourself restricted to certain websites or you can create a new user account that has the parental controls. We recommend you to create a new user account so you can easily let your ADMIN user account to access all the websites and let the new user account has all the blocked websites.

Click and select the Create a new user account with parental controls radio button as highlighted above and then click on the Continue button to proceed.

After hitting the Continue button the system preferences will ask you to allow to unlock parental controls preferences as shown above. Unlock the parental controls by typing in user account password and then click on the Unlock button (as highlighted above) to proceed.

After unlocking, you can now create a new user account from the dialog box as shown above. Fill the required fields with the information, you can set the Name of the account according to the user you want to create it for. Click on the Create User button to create the account.

Step 3: Manage the Parental Controls Preferences

Now you have entered the Parental controls settings (as shown above) from where you can manage the websites you want to block.

Click on the Web option from the tabs as highlighted above.

In the Web tab, under the Browser Restrictions, you can see that you can choose from three option and Allow unrestricted access to websites is chosen as the default option from which you can access all the websites through your browser.

Select the radio button of Try to limit access to adult websites and then click on the Customize button (as highlighted above), to add the URL of the websites you want to block.

Under the Never allow these websites, you can click on the + button as highlighted above which will enable you a URL field where you can type in or copy paste the link/URL of the website you want to block. Click the + button to add another link if desired. Then Click OK to close the dialog box.

You can also add the websites that you want the user to access under the Always allow these websites.

You can select the Allow access to only these websites to allow the user to access only those websites that are listed below the option, as shown above.

You can also add a specific website to the list by clicking on the + button as highlighted above.

Step 4: Lock and save the Settings

After you are done with managing the websites in the Parental Controls, click on the Lock icon located at the bottom of the window, to save and prevent further changes as highlighted above.

Now you can see that the parental controls preferences are now locked and you cannot make more changes. To make further changes click on the Lock Icon, the parental controls preferences will ask for administrator password. Type in the password to manage parental controls.

Congratulations! Now you know how to block websites on Mac. Safe browsing.

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