Google’s Gmail app is filled with features that you might be unaware of, we as an Android phone user are almost all registered with Gmail accounts on the device, as the Gmail comes as a stock app in all android devices. It is almost foreseeable that you are receiving a lot of Emails either from your social apps or from your professional work. With the Gmail app, you can easily manipulate your piled up emails. So in this article, I will walk you through some Gmail tips and tricks for Android smartphones.

Before I walk you through the guide, there are some requirements that you should preserve. These requirements are listed below.

  • Gmail app downloaded on your Android smartphone.
  • Your Android device should be running Latest Gmail app to date.
  • Signed in with your Gmail account on Gmail app
  • You can also sign in with a non-google email account in Gmail.

1: Swipe Action Control

Open up Gmail app on your Android device.

Tap on the app drawer Menu icon (Three vertical lines) as shown above.

Now scroll down until you find Settings option, Tap on the Settings options to proceed.

In Settings, tap on the General settings options as highlighted above.

Inside General settings, tap on the Swipe actions options as highlighted above.

In Swipe actions, there are two ways you can swipe the conversation either by swiping left or right. You can change both the ways by setting different options on each swipe. Tap on the CHANGE button as highlighted above to open up options.

These are the option shown above, which you can select for the desired swipe. Tap on the radio button to set the changes.

Now you can go back to your conversations and swipe any to see if your changes have been applied as shown above.

2: Use the All Inboxes

From All inboxes option, you can control all your emails on the multiple accounts that are signed in on your Gmail app.

Tap open the drawer menu, as shown above. As a default, the Primary option has been selected which means that the account which you’ve signed in your Gmail, only its inbox will be displayed.

Tap the All Inboxes options, to display the conversations from all accounts that you’ve signed in.

Multiple accounts conversations will be listed under All inboxes as shown above. These will be listed according to their time of arrival.

3: Edit by selecting multiple emails

Long press and hold any conversation from the list and it will enable you the option to select more conversations from the list as shown above.

Now tap on the overflow menu as highlighted above.

A menu with multiple options will pop up, as shown above, tap the desired option to apply changes.

4: Widget to get up to date

You can insert the widget on your home screen which can help you from not ignoring the Email from piling up as they arrive.

Go to your home screen, press and hold the empty space on the home screen which will open up some options to edit your home screen, as shown above. Now, tap on the Widget option as highlighted above.

Scroll down until you find Gmail widget pane as shown above. Now select the Gmail 3×3 widget as shown above.

Choose the account that you want to handle and then choose the folder you want to display on your home screen widget.

After selecting the desired option you can see your widget on the home screen as shown above.

5: Sync to save space

Gmail sync features help you save up space as attachments with email take up a lot of space on your device. So syncing up your emails can free up space. By syncing up the emails you can fearlessly remove emails from your device.

Go to settings and choose the account for which you want to sync your emails with.

Now make sure you have check marked the Sync Gmail option as shown above.

Now tap on the Days of mail to sync option as highlighted above.

Now select the days of mail to sync and tap OK to apply.

6: Search convenience

You can search for mail in the search bar by using the Search Operators. You can type in older_than:1d in the search bar which will list out the emails older than 1 day.

Tap on the search icon as highlighted above.

Now type in any of the desired search operators you can also refer the Gmail Search operator by clicking here.

 7: Mute the conversations

To make sure that only those emails show up inside Gmail which is important to you, you can Mute the conversation which is less important. These muted conversations will automatically be sent to the muted folder from where you can access them later.

Tap open the desired conversation and open up the overflow menu. You can select the Mute option from the Menu’s option as highlighted above.

8: Auto-advance feature.

Auto-advance feature is a useful feature if you’re working through a lot of emails at once because it saves your time by not having to go back to the inbox each time you delete or archive a conversation thread.

From General settings scroll down to the end and tap on the Auto-advance option as highlighted above.

Now choose from the options listed in a pop-up a dialog box as shown above. By selecting Newer or Older, it will advance to the newer message or the older message after deleting or archiving the thread.

9: Make your Email look nicer

Press and hold a text to select it as shown above.

Now after selecting a text, tap on the FORMAT option as shown above.

Now you can see a Formatting bar has been activated as shown above.

Form this Format bar you can make a text bold, italic, underline, highlight and color, as shown above.

10: Take advantage of undo sending

If you have sent an email and suddenly forgot to edit something then don’t worry you don’t have to send another email. Gmail now allows you to undo the sent email but the undo options stay just for 10 seconds.

Compose and send the email as shown above.

You will be directed to the conversation list and at the bottom of the screen, you can see the UNDO button as shown above. Tap on the UNDO button so you can re-edit the Email.

11: Action Confirmation feature.

Just like the UNDO feature Gmail allows you to manipulate action conformation feature which allows you to check if you want to delete, archive or send your Email by a pop-up message.

Go to setting and then select General settings, inside General settings scroll down until you find Action Conformation option as shown above. You can checkmark to enable the desired option you want for action confirmation.

That it! Hope you have now discovered some of the Gmail important features that you didn’t know of and helps you make the app more convenient to use.

If you have any other tips or tricks for the Gmail app, do let us know in the comment section below!

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