The Downloads folder is the default location folder for the files that you download from the web browsers in your Windows. So, whenever you download a file using a web browser it saves the files in the Windows downloads folder for quick and easy access. When these files in the downloads folder get heaped up it means that it is not only making the folder heavy to load files but also it is taking up a lot of space in your Computer’s drive C:/ because the downloads folder is a part of your Windows primary drive. So if your Windows primary drive (Where the Windows is installed) gets heavy means you going to experience some delay on the loading of the files in the downloads folder as shown below.

Downloads Folder
If you’re experiencing a slow loading up of your files in the Downloads folder then you are probably at the right place, because in this article I will show you how to fix your downloads folder that is opening slowly in Windows 10.

So let’s start with the step-wise guide.

Step 1: Locate Download Folder

This PC or File Explorer

Open up This PC or File Explorer from desktop or Windows taskbar as shown above.

File Explorer Downloads Folder

From the File Explorer or This PC window, you can see the Downloads option under the Quick access in the navigation pane of the File Explorer or This PC and as well as under the Frequent folders (in File Explorer) and Folders (in This PC) window as shown above.

Step 2: Downloads Folder Properties

Downloads Folder context menu

Right-click on any of the Download folders, this will open up its context menu as shown above. From the menu click on the Properties option as highlighted above.

Downloads Properties dialogbox

After click on the Properties option from the menu, a Downloads Properties dialog box will launch up as shown above. From the dialog box’s tabs, click on the Customize tab as highlighted above.

As you can see that Optimize this folder for has Pictures option selected as default settings, which means that the download folder will only enhance and optimize the search for pictures files and not the other type of files as highlighted above.

Step 3: Change Option to Optimize Folder Search

Optimize for General items

In the Customize tab, change the option of “Optimize this folder for” by clicking on the drop-down arrow as shown above. Now from the dropdown menu, click to select the General items option from the list as highlighted above.

Allow subfolders checkbox

After selecting General items, make sure to click on the checkbox to checkmark the option of Also apply this template to all subfolders as highlighted above. Now save the changes by clicking on the Apply button and then click on the OK button to close the dialog box.

Note: After you have applied the changes, it is recommended to restart your Windows.

Step 4: Change Folder View

Folder View

If you feel that your Windows is still loading the Downloads folder slowly then you have to make the Downloads folder to be opened up in detailed view. In order to do that, open up the Downloads folder as shown above, now click on the View option as highlighted above.

Detailed View

From the View option pane, click on the Details option (as highlighted above), to make the appearance of files to be listed as detailed whenever you open up the Downloads folder. You can also change the view of the folders by using the shortcut key, in order to do that, press and hold the Ctrl + SHIFT key and hit the 6 key simultaneously (CTRL + SHIFT + 6) and that will do.

That’s it! Hope this article helped you fix the Downloads Folder that was opening slowly in Windows 10. If you find any other method that can fix the Downloads Folder, you can share it with us in the comment section below.

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