It is annoying when the most reliable Web browser like Chrome keeps crashing or freezing whether you just opened it or it happens while you use certain websites. Google Chrome happens to take a lot of RAM and another useful resource which make it the fastest and reliable Web browser yet. So, in this article, I will guide you with some tip and tricks of how to fix Google Chrome crash or freezing on Windows 10.

The tips and tricks below will help you stabilize your Google Chrome. So, let’s start with the step-wise guide.

Step 1: Troubleshooting Google Chrome

In the first step, you should try to completely close the Google Chrome browser and by means of completely closing it means to do it from the Chrome menu or the task manager because closing it by pressing the X button doesn’t close Chrome processes completely.

Click on overflow menu from Chrome

If your Chrome is not crashing or freezing from the start then go to the overflow menu, as shown above. This will open up a menu with options.

Click on Exit option from menu

Now click on the Exit button to completely close the Chrome browser plus its processes. Or you can simply press Ctrl+Shift+Q keys simultaneously from the keyboard to completely close the browser.

Open task manager from taskbar

If your Chrome is Crashing and Freezing from the start then you should right-click on the Taskbar from desktop and then click on the Task Manager option as shown above.

Under Processes Tab locate Google Chrome process

Now you can see under Process tab, Google Chrome processes are up and running under Apps.

Right-click on Chrome Process and click on End Task

Now right-click on the Google Chrome and from the menu click on the End task option as shown above. This will completely close your Google Chrome and its processes.

If this doesn’t work try restarting your Computer because rebooting your system fixes most of the hassles caused by the running system processes.

Step 2: Disable Extensions

From overflow menu, open extensions option from More Tools

To disable useless extensions, go to overflow menu, from menu hover your mouse on the More tools option, it will cascade its menu as shown above. Now from the menu click on the Extensions options as highlighted above.

Remove or disable useless extensions

Now you can completely remove the useless extension or you can click on the toggle button to disable it as shown above.

Step 3: Remove conflicting Software or Malware

Open settings from overflow menu

Open Chrome settings from the overflow menu as shown above.

Enable Advanced settings

Scroll down and click to expand the Advanced Settings as shown above.

open Clean up Computer under Reset and clean up

Now scroll all the way down, under Reset and clean up settings, click on Clean up computer option as highlighted above.

Remove software of malware form clean up computer

This will take time and search for the harmful software and malware on your PC that are conflicting with the Google Chrome and which is what makes it to crash or to freeze.

When the software are listed they will have a Remove button against them, well it’s all up to you whether you want to remove them or not. Simply click on the Remove button to remove the software from your Computer.

Step 4: Disable hardware acceleration

Enable Advanced settings

In Google Chrome’s Settings scroll down and open the Advanced Settings as shown above.

disable hardware acceleration option and relaunch Chrome

In Advanced Settings, under System, you can see use Hardware acceleration when available option. Click on the option’s toggle button to disable it, when you disable it a RELAUNCH button will appear, click on the RELAUNCH button to restart Chrome and see if it makes any difference.

Step 5: Reset Chrome

Enable Advanced settings

Go to Advanced settings from the Chrome Settings as shown above.

Restore settings to their original defaults

Scroll all the way down, under Reset and clean up, choose the Restore settings in their original defaults option as highlighted above.

click on Reset settings

Now click on the Reset Settings button as highlighted above. This will reset all Google Chrome settings to the default state when it was first installed on the computer.

Step 6: Reinstall Google Chrome

Well if Fate has led you all the way down to the step 6, then it’s time where you have no choice but to uninstall Google Chrome and reinstall it by downloading fresh download file of Google Chrome. Click here to visit Google Chrome official website.

Click on download Chrome

Now click on the Download Chrome button as highlighted above. Accept terms and conditions to start your download.

Now Install the Fresh copy of Google Chrome which might do the trick for you.

That’s it! Hope this guide helped you fix Google Chrome Crash or Freezing on Windows 10.

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