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How To Advertise Your Mobile App: 7 Creative Ways

How to Advertise Your Mobile App

The number of available mobile apps is increasing day by day. According to the Statista report by the end of December 2019, approximately 2,800,000 mobile apps were available on Google Play Store while the number has been raised to 2,870,000 during March 2020. Android apps are leading the Google Play Store during 2019.

The average time spent by a user on his mobile was 3 hours and 35 minutes and time will tend to increase 3 hours and 49 minutes by the end of 2020. This huge amount has created competition among marketers to advertise their apps. No user will come to install your app unless and until you embolden him to do so. Most of the marketers do not earn sufficient profit because they are unaware of the techniques for how to advertise an app that looks appealing and enhances the user experience. Digital marketing comes with new trends every day including promotional tricks and commercial advertisement methods to increase the number of users.

This article has accentuated 7 attractive ways for how to advertise an app. These mentioned methods are probably best way to advertise mobile apps.

1. Search ads/Google Ads:

Search ads are a potent mobile app advertising tool to improve the discoverability rate of your mobile apps. You can add relevant keywords that enhance the user experience to search for a mobile app. It also increases the attractiveness of a user to install a relevant app by clicking on a relevant search ad. The optimized free advertising app ads increase the interaction of users and apps. It will also help the consumer to compare the benefits of your apps with competitors so, be careful!

2. Social media ads:

In the recent world, every individual is connected with social media. Social media is one of the best way to advertise mobile apps. Besides Twitter and LinkedIn; Facebook and Instagram are two broadly used platforms used by individuals. You can connect with your audience via social media paid-promotions to explore your apps. Do not hesitate to invest in mobile apps and let people know about it via app promotion. Add direct links for Android and Apple mobile apps. The increase in in-app video ads click-through rate was 300% during 2016 and 2017. App promotion increases the visibility and discoverability of your mobile apps. Likewise, you can either go for organic promotion by making an account on Facebook or Instagram. Connect with your targeted audience and industry by sharing relevant posts. However, avoid over promotion.

3. Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is the another best way to advertise mobile apps.  In 2019, there was a 65% increase in the influencer marketing strategy because people are obsessed with them. You can hire a professional influencer for product endorsement. However, an expert influencer having sufficient knowledge of your mobile apps is preferable. The influencers help to bring potential users through the social mobile app advertising route.

4. Feature your app in an official blog:

Another app advertising tool is featuring your app in an official blog. You can define the purpose, function, and benefits of your mobile apps in 2 or 3 sentences. An engaging blog influences the readers to pay attention to minute details. Add a screenshot of your app because it enlists multiple features of a mobile app.

5. E-mail marketing:

E-mail marketing is the best app advertising platform for enhancing the relationship between users and acquiring new users. You can convince the user by sharing ads linked with the app to create awareness about your mobile apps. Approximately 293.6 billion marketing e-mails have been sent and received during 2019. It saves time for the user.

6. Create a demo video:

Approximately 81 business holders rely on app demo videos to create a difference from their competitors. An attractive and creative app demo video template captures the attention of users. A few minutes’ app demo videos suggest a meaningful purpose of your app works. You can increase the flow rate of users by making short videos. These kinds of short videos resolve the queries of users regarding your app. These are 5 times more influencing and help the marketers to reach a bigger audience.

7. Apply for awards:

According to functionality, visibility, unique design, loading capacity, and usability, you can apply for awards. Based on performance and concept, you can add value to your apps. Winning an award increases the satisfaction and reliability of users on a specific mobile app.

Final note:

Go out of the box and use digital methods to promote mobile apps. Free advertising apps are specifically designed to target audiences in multiple demographic locations. The quality, innovative advertisement idea, and word of mouth build the trust of the user.

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How to Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu

Installing Visual studio code on Ubuntu

Being a programmer you have to work across operating systems and programming languages so have to get familiar with code editors which can give you valuable help like code IntelliSense, Syntax Highlighting and code source control so in past you had to learn different IDE like Visual Studio, NetBeans, Pycharm, etc. to work in each programming language to in order to get it done. Well that was a thing of past Microsoft Launch its most ambitious and simplistic Source Code Editor Visual Studio Code an open-source and platform independent source code editor developed by Microsoft. It means you can use it either on windows, Linux or macOS.

It has very awesome features like Code Debugging, Git Source Control, Syntax Highlighting, Code IntelliSense is provided for JavaScript, Typescript, JSON, HTML, CSS, SCSS, and Less built in and also have thousands of extensions to extend support to programming languages like php, C# and python. You can read features in details on Visual Studio Code official. According to 2018 Developers survey, visual studio code was ranked 1 in popular development tools.

In this article we will guide you how to install visual studio code on Ubuntu 18.04. We can install visual studio code on Ubuntu by different ways lets discuss each method step-wise.

Method 1. Using the .deb installation files

Step 1:  Download .deb file for visual studio code from here

Download VS Code .deb File

Step 2:  Save downloaded .deb file in downloads folder

Save VS Code .deb File

Step 3:  Now Open Terminal and Go to Download folder via commands below

Move to Download Folder

Step 4:  Now Run this command

Install VS Code .deb file Command

it will take some time and visual studio code will be installed.

VSCode Deb File Installed


Method 2. From Ubuntu Software Repository

You can also download visual studio code in ubuntu without using terminal or commands.

Step 1:  Go to Ubuntu Software Application

Ubuntu Software Application

Step 2:  Search ‘Visual Studio Code’ in search bar

Search VS Code

Step 3:  Click on Visual Studio Code Application in search results above and it will open detail page like below.

Visual Studio Code App in Ubuntu

Step 4:  Now Click on ‘install’ button a permission prompt will ask for User Password. Enter pass word and click authenticate button

Installation Permission prompt

You will see installation will be started with a progress bar indicating remaining time

VS Code Installing Progress

Once it will be completed you will see Launch Button.

Launch VS Code in Ubuntu



so you can see there are two different methods to install visual studio code on Ubuntu. If you are a command line guru you will prefer first method but if you are more like a windows User and has little knowledge of commands you can use the later method.


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