Top 10 of platforms for testing apps for Android

Platforms For Testing Apps For Android

Market of devices for Google system is very miscellaneous: smartphones and tablets can be different size, have personal interface and internal hardware. However, fortunately, there are a lot of different testing platforms (frameworks) too that make developers’ life easier. 


  •  1) Robotium
  • 2) Espresso
  • 3) UIAutomator
  • 4) MonkeyRunner
  • 5) Calabash
  • 6) Appium
  • 7) Ranorex
  • 8) Testdroid
  • 9) SeeTest
  • 10) TestFairy.

1) Robotium

Robotium – is a framework of automatization of testing Android apps with full support as native as hybrid options.

With help of Robotium developers can make text scripts for functional, system and behavioral testing (testing by a strategy of black bo


Espresso is for developers, who consider automatization of testing as essential part of life cycle of inventing the system. For those, who know what codebase means, testing will take less time. 

Programming interface is simple to understand and in the same time it can be changed.


Instrument like UIAutomator with 

convenient visual interface for researching of layouts and browse  nature elements UI, which are on the front plan of device. With the help of UI Automator you will increase the accuracy of your testings.

For instance, you can choose UI-selector that is connected with come specific nature.


This instrument represents API for developing programs or emulators that runs Android devices. With the help of MonkeyRunner you can develop a program in Python, which can install Android apps or set of testing programs,  launch them, send typing commands, make screenshots UI and save them on the desk. 

MonkeyRunner is for testing apps and devices on functional levels and modeling testing. However, this instrument can be used for other different purposes.


Calabash is a technology of atomization for hybrid and native apps and ecosystems Android and iOS. 

Calabash is a free project with open and code that develops Xamarin . The instrument is free but Xamarin also has some paid services. You can find more information about Xamarin Test Cloud on


Appium is the instrument with open end code for automatization of testing native, hybrid, mobile and online apps. Emulators iOS and Android can be used and also factual devices (iOS, Android, Windows).

Investments in protocol WebDriver means that you make a rate of free open protocol for testings, which already became a standard. If you use Apple UIAutomation without Appium, you can make tests only in JavaScript. And if you use Google UIAutomator, you make tests in Java language. 

Appium gives opportunities of cross-platform native atomization.


Ranorex is a framework of atomization of testings for table computers, mobile and online apps. Ranorex is developed by a company Ranorex GmbH. This instrument has not its own script language, instead of it standard programming language such as C# and VB.NET are using.


This commercial product that makes possible continuing developing and testing apps for Android. Such technology helps hundreds of companies that develop mobile apps, mobile and online games.


Another one framework of atomization. Making code more difficult is available on account of others instruments, the same script can be launched on several devices. SeeTest also support testing of adaptive web-sites and personal interface.


While you are testing and developing mobile apps in the cloud, you never know what exactly was made and, if there is a mistake, it is hard to say what was wrong on the client’s side. TestFairy solves this problem – makes a video of the testing: CPU, storage, GPS, Network and etc.

It is available a lot of instruments for testing apps for Android. Developing is still a difficult puzzle, so atomization has to be made after thorough researches. It can help not to do extra experiments. Every framework has its own unique functional and it is better to use several platforms for testings.

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Review: Note Prompt

Note Prompt Review
9.2tech score

In this busy world, it is hard to remember things. Everyone got a mobile and there are several apps on it which help us to remind things. Each notification app for android reminds us in its way. But what is the best possible way to remind us? So, I’m pleased to introduce you to a notes notification app for android where reminders are presented as notifications.

Note Prompt App

Note Prompt is a quick notes reminder app that prompts your notes as notifications. This app will help you remember things as these notes will be shown to you on your mobile notification bar which we usually check 5 to 10 times in an hour.

Note Prompt Google store description promises simplicity and it certainly delivers. The app lets you create a note with a title and description with a notification Icon of your choice given in the icons list. Icons list contains 40 plus icons based on the stuff which we usually do in our life. Moreover, you can also choose different colors to differentiate your activities reminder. You can edit and delete your note but also you can share it with your friends. Then you can just set it on.

The idea here is to not annoy the user as the built-in alarm app does by covering all the screen. Note Prompt notification will stay as long as you want it to stay in your notifications. The notification will stay on the top of all notifications you get so it wouldn’t get lost in the sea of your notifications. You can remove this notification by just tapping one time. The Notes list will stay in your app so next time you can enable it with just one tap.

Is it worth downloading an app just for this one feature? Yes, it’s worth it. Using Note Prompt is more convenient than just using the phone’s alarm. It is a paid app. It only does this one thing, but it does this one thing well.

Get it on Google Play

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