Went shopping and forgot to buy something? Want to take a nap during traveling but afraid to miss your stop? Don’t worry at all, ALARME is the best location based alarm app to inform you through an Alarm that you have reached to your specified location or address.

Alarme App Review

ALARME – Location Alarm / GPS Alarm is a location-based reminder application. Just set alarm/reminders all over the map & let ALARME keep track of your destination. Factors such as traffic, the route you choose, etc. can affect the total duration of your journey. This is why conventional time-based alarms are not useful while traveling.

The app lets you create a location reminder in two ways. You can search for your destination on the search bar and then you can add the reminding note. Also, you can set a radius around your location so the app will remind you right before your location. The other way is to just tap and hold on your location a little bit longer by using the app map marker on your map. It helps in offline usage.

The app also lets you track your alarm. It displays the real-time progress by showing the remaining distance of your destination. You can also access your alarm controls via lock screen and notification bar. The app keeps a list of your saved locations. So next time you can set an alarm in just one tap. You can also edit and delete your saved location reminder. ALARME also contains alarm sound and vibration settings. You can choose your sound of an alarm.

Is it worth downloading this app? Yes, it’s free location based alarm app and worth it. It only supports a single destination alarm at a time.

Note: It also contains a helping guide which includes both textual guide and media guide.

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Review overview

User Interface 9
Functionality 9
Productivity 8.5


8.8 tech score It is a good, simple and effective app but its good to add multiple destination alarm at a time.

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