There is a lot has been changed in terms of user interface and the addition of new features in Skype since Microsoft has taken over it. It may not be as much left as a trustful encrypted application but it still is a highly used video calling application and is a great application to keep in touch with your close ones. As a long term Skype users, a lot of us still don’t know what new features have been included and how to access them or use them even though some of them were there before the intervention of Microsoft. Since a lot yet not much has changed in Skype, you might want to know why Skype has been launching new updates day in day out.

So if you want to use Skype in the right way then in this article I will show you some Interesting and useful Skype tips and tricks that you may not know. We will be focusing mainly on the Skype desktop application, even though Skype Windows’s application is now very much similar to the Windows desktop app so, this will not be an issue if you’re using Windows store application or Skype desktop application.

So here are some tips and tricks that I think may be useful for you…

Make Skype a hidden Security Camera

You can make your Skype accept calls automatically even it’s for a voice or a video call, this can come in handy by using it as a hidden security camera for your house or for your room. In order to do so, follow the steps below.

Interesting & Useful Skype Tips & Tricks You May Not Know

From your Skype’s main interface, click on the overflow menu button, which will drop-down a menu as shown above. Now click on the Settings option from the menu as highlighted.

Interesting & Useful Skype Tips & Tricks You May Not Know

From the Settings Navigation column click on the Calling option, now from the Calling Settings, click on the Advanced option as highlighted above.

Interesting & Useful Skype Tips & Tricks You May Not Know

Under the Advanced Calling settings, turn on the toggle button of “Answer incoming calls automatically”. This will attend all the incoming calls without ringing the Skype’s incoming call tone, so you don’t have to worry about silencing the speakers of your PC. Make sure to turn off the toggle button of “Start my video automatically” as highlighted above.

Change Your Skype’s Display Name

Click on the display name or picture icon to pop open the user information dialog box as shown above. From the dialog box, click on the “pen” icon to change your Skype’s display name as highlighted above. After changing the name, just click on the “tick” button to apply.

Rename Contacts in your Contact list

Just like changing your own Skype name, you can also change the name of people in your contact list. In order to do so just follow the step below.

Interesting & Useful Skype Tips & Tricks You May Not Know

Select any of the contacts from the list, from the chat interface click on the name of the Participant as highlighted above.

Interesting & Useful Skype Tips & Tricks You May Not Know

Now to rename the contact, click on the “Pen” icon as highlighted above. From here you can change the name and then click on the tick button to apply the name a particular contact.

Use Skype’s Dark Mode

To use Skype’s dark theme mode, open up the Settings from the menu. Now from the Settings navigation menu, click on the Appearance option as highlighted above. From the Appearances settings, under Modes, you can Dark mode by check marking the radio button of Dark option as highlighted. Now you can see that Dark mode has been applied to your Skype’s interface.

Turn Off auto files download

If you’re frustrated that Skype downloads all the files to your PC which might contain some virus that may affect your Windows, worry not, as you can disable this feature from the settings. Go to the settings from the menu. In the Settings navigation menu, click on the Messaging option as highlighted above. From the Messaging & Chats settings, turn off both “Auto-download photos” and “Auto-download files” toggle buttons as highlighted.

Change Downloading Folder in your PC

If you think your PC’s drive is filling up from downloaded files from Skype, then follow this simple step below.

From Skype settings, click on the Messaging option from the Settings navigation menu as highlighted above. Now, under Messaging & Chats settings, click on Change directory link of “When I receive a file” option as shown above. This will open up a dialog box from where you can simply select any preferred folder of a drive.

Enable Call Subtitles

If you’re having a study group call or a meeting call and want to take some quick notes then enabling the call subtitles can come in handy. In order to do so, just follow the steps below.

From the Settings pane, click on the Calling option from the settings navigation menu as shown above. Now under the Calling Settings, click on the Call subtitles option as highlighted.

Interesting & Useful Skype Tips & Tricks You May Not Know

In the Call Subtitles settings, turn on both the toggle buttons of “Show subtitles for all voice and video calls” and “Only show subtitles for other participants” as highlighted above. This will only show the subtitles of the other participants. You can also change the language according to the spoken language of the participants by clicking on the Spoken Language option and selecting the preferred option from the given list.

That’s it! Hope this article has helped you in learning some interesting and useful tips and tricks for using Skype. If you have any confusion or experienced any difficulty following the instructions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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